Thursday, November 5, 2009

Discounted Gift Cards - LaRosa's, Montgomery Inn and More

The Holiday season is FAST approaching! Speeding up on us, to be exact.

And, with that comes the rush of shoppers. The sales, crowds and stress ( enjoyment for some ) of the seasonal shopping is everywhere we look.

And, one of the frequently shopped items is gift cards! But, they don't need to just be gifts! Have you ever thought of buying them at a discount and then using them yourself to pay for actual items? If you combine a discounted gift card with a coupon and a sale, you can often get a very great deal.

So, during this shopping season, I am going to track as many discounted gift cards as I can for you.

You can either buy them for the discount and give the actual gift card as a gift, OR you can buy it and then use it to shop and get a great savings.

I would like to start by introducing you to Plastic Jungle. It is a site geared towards buying, selling and trading gift cards. So, there are multiple advantages to this site.

What happens is people all around the US get gift cards and often can't use them or don't need them. So, they list them on Plastic Jungle to sell ( at a discount ) or trade. Or, if you have a gift card you can't use or would prefer to have the cash or a gift card for a different store ( this may happen after the Holidays ), you can sell your own gift cards or trade them.

From restaurants to local stores, you may be able to score a deal on your gift cards.

To check out their daily database, click here.

Or, at anytime, you can click on the new banner I put in my right side bar on the main page. I usually try to check every few days, as members are constantly listing new cards daily. And, you don't want to miss out on buying a good gift card when it becomes available because someone else got to it first!!

$5 back or more on LaRosa's/Montgomery Inn Gift Cards

To kick of the local discounted gift cards, Kroger is offering $5 back on LaRosa's or Montgomery Inn Gift Cards right now. Yay!

As you may know from past posts, my family frequents LaRosa's because we can eat for my family of 5 for SOO cheap. We always buy multiple Buddy Cards each year ( the $10 per card goes to the charity ) and then give us tons of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Large Pizzas. Just one free pizza has already paid for the card. But, we can then get two large pizzas for as low as $12.49 total. Although, I will admit, we do often get speciality pizzas and then spend more like $17.

But, since we eat only one pizza at the restaurant, usually, we then bring the rest home and have lunch or dinner the next night, too ( we like left over pizza ). So, we got to take our family out to a restaurant for around $8 to $10. And, then the meal at home the next day figures to be about the same. It is quite the deal, and we just enjoy going out to eat once in a while...on a budget.

Now, I can buy discounted gift cards at Kroger ( which I am going to do this week ) and get another $5 back for every $50 I buy. That is another 10% I am saving! And, since this is one of the places we go to eat most often, this is a gift card that I know we will use.

So, how the deal works is that you buy $50 of LaRosa's or Montgomery Inn Gift Cards. You will then get a coupon for $5 off your next grocery shopping visit. So, I recommend buying your gift cards when you first go in, then go grocery shopping and use the $5 coupon on your order.

PLUS, since it is a $50 gift card purchase, it counts as $100 towards gas. So, you just earned another 10 cents off a gallon. I have been averaging about 16 gallons when I fill up, so that figures out to be another $1.60 savings on the gift cards for me. Now, I am getting approx. $6.60 back on my gift cards!

And, if you want, you can buy $25 to LaRosas and $25 to Montgomery Inn. Combine them anyway you want, as long as your total is $50.

This deal runs until November 21st. Check your local Kroger store for details before purchasing to ensure your store is participating.

Happy Saving!

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