Monday, November 23, 2009

$1.99 Shirt/Cap Combos for Kids

I am picking quite a few of these up for my kids as presents. Not only are they cute, but they are also $1.99. Just the cap itself would be worth $1.99, but getting the shirt and hat combo for that price is a deal.

In the winter, my kids often still wear their t-shirts, but we layer them over a long sleeve T-shirt or thermal shirt. This way, they can get wear both in the summer and winter for their clothes. My kids often grow so fast, that from one summer to the next, they don't fit in their clothes anymore.

So, if I can get them to wear their shirts all season long and just adapt them to the cold weather by adding long sleeves underneath, then I am saving money plus doubling their winter wardrobe. I love that! And, it is something a little extra for them to open on Christmas morn.

Beside just the shirt set, Cabela's really has some great deals in their Bargain Cave. I will try and highlight quite a few, but please still shop around. You may find something you really like!

So, here is a photo of one of the girls tops and hat. There are two girls and two boys to choose from at this price. Don't worry, they don't say $1.99 on them, I just added that. They actually say Cabela's. AND, it is $1.99 for BOTH, not $1.99 each! Some sizes are backordered, so just add them to your cart and place the order.

If you are already a member of one of these programs, consider signing up for one of the others to get the $5 sign on bonus and save more!

  • Search Cabela's Kids' Cap/Tee Combos
  • Regularly $19.99 for $1.99
  • Pick your style/color and add to cart
  • Check out. Free Shipping to the store if near you. Otherwise, my shipping was just over $5. I bought quite a few items, so it was less than a $1 per item for shipping when I broke it out. Great deal!
Also, try these fun clearance items at Cabela's:
  • $3.99, was $24.99 - Search Cabela's Youth Cap/Tee Combos
  • $4.99, was $19.99 - Search Cabela's Boys' Field Duty Thermal Tee
  • $4.99, was $29.99 - Search Cabela's Boys' Chamois Shirt
  • $4.99, was $24.99 - Search Cabela's Boys' Flannel Shirt
  • $4.99, was $22.99 - Search Cabela's Boys' Two-Piece Knit/Woven Top Set
  • $4.99, was $24.99 - Search Jansport Kids' Logo Sweatshirts
Have fun shopping for the kiddos!

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Rachel from TX said...

Another cheap one is Cabela's Kids' Cap/Tee Combo Item:OG-995274
for $2.88 :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and Cabela's Boys' 3-Pack Tee Shirts Item:9IS-917582
for $4.99

Anonymous said...

Hatley Boys' Wildlife Shorts Item:OG-915451
for $.88! originally $17.95!

busy mom said...

I picked up the tee- shirt and cap ( pink camo) and another tee for my girl this mg.
cool deal!

amazon has the mp3 speakers with a pig and one with the bear on them ( the kids can lay on like pillows) on sale for 60%-70% off.
I got my girl one this mg ( she wanted the pig) for $14.

Carrie @ said...

Thanks everyone! Great finds! This sale is awesome...loving it!


Can you email me the link to the Amazon deal? I would love to look at it for my daughter! Thnx

Shelbie Johnston said...

Thanyou! What a great deal!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Thanks, Carrie! I just signed up for Shop at Home and bought 10 of those tee-cap combos for my own kids + nieces and nephews. Hope I did it correctly. :)

busy mom said...

Here is the link for the teddy bear and there is one for a ipod pillow too - it is on sale -