Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Carrie Gone?

Where have I been this week? Why haven't I been posting? I have been asking myself the same questions since I haven't lacked in posts like this since the wind storm in Ohio last year!

But, I did know the answers. So, I wanted to share with you and PROMISE I will be back in full swing this week.

  • I've been sick. Nothing serious. I got a cold and I have had them and blogged before, but for some reason I was just enjoying curling up under a blanket every afternoon and napping my cold off while my little boy took his nap! I must was refreshing and I am beginning to feel better. Yay!
  • Began packing and getting ready for my trip to Denver tomorrow morning. I am happy to report I am a part of the Blog Advisory Panel for Shop At Home! For the upcoming months, a group of bloggers will be working with Shop At Home and they are flying us out to kick off our assignment. I am extremely excited for this opportunity.
  • Finally, my oldest son came down with a fever! Ugh! Wish he would have just gotten my cold, but he didn't and instead got a flu, it appears. So, I have been babying him, too. In fact, today, he asked if I would spoon feed him his chicken noodle soup, and he is 7! How do I pass up the opportunity to take care of my boy? He is already starting to get to the age where he wants run off and play with his friends after school instead of hang out with me!
Needless to say, I will be back to blogging for you all in the next day or so. Tomorrow I fly out but plan to make time for blogging a priority while there.

I apologize for the slow week and I'll be back soon!

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Lauren S said...

I just moved to Denver this snowed last night and was in the 20s all day. I think it's unusually cold, but bring some warm stuff in case we get more!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you guys have been sick. Take care of your little guy and hope you are feeling better soon.


Tracie Fobes said...

I love your site! I have given you a lovely blog award.

If you don't participate in these, that is no problem. You can check it out though, right here:


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