Monday, October 26, 2009

$10 off $10 at JcPenney, $10 off $10 at Kohl's, etc, etc!!

Time to run down some great loyalty programs and/or newsletters that you won't want to miss. Hopefully, you are already a member of most of these, but if not, make sure to sign up.

Remember, set up a separate email account up for newsletters. You can then log in and quickly scan all the deals you get for being a member with each company.

$10 off $10 at JcPenney

Click here to sign up for the JcPenney e-newsletter.

What is the current deal? You can get $10 off $10 online with code Sweets4U

Make sure to check out their clearance sections to see what you can find. The shoes above are on sale for $10.99, which brings them to 99 cents and then $4.50 to ship to store. So, $5.49 total!

I bought my daughter a pair of jeans at $11.99, so I paid $1.99 plus $4.50 $6.49. Yay! She really needed them, too, as she officially outgrew her pairs from last year.

Shop thru an Online Rebate Site and get more back. Here are your choices:
  • Shop at Home, you get a $5 sign on bonus if a new member plus 3% cash back
  • Ebates, you get a $5 sign on bonus if a new member plus 3% cash back
  • Upromise, you get 3% cash back
  • Mr. Rebates, you get a $5 sign on bonus if a new member plus 2% cash back
Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom

Pampers Extra Points

Click here to register with Pampers

Pampers Gifts to Grow is another wonderful program where you earn points in packages you buy and then can redeem them for free gifts. In fact, shipping is now included with gifts, so you actually spend $0 out of pocket for great gifts.

Would you like the current free code? GRATUIT89102009

Thanks, Mommy Snacks

$10 off $10 at Kohl's

Click here to sign up for the Kohl's e-newsletter. You will also get a $5 coupon off any purchase in store ( so grab something for free or next to nothing for $5 )

In addition, you will get extra savings with a Kohl's credit card. If you are a current credit card holder, check your latest statement VERY closely.

There was an insert in mine that looked like a flier. I opened it, and inside was a $10 off any purchase in store. I plan to head on over to my Kohl's tomorrow to pick something up for next to nothing out of pocket.

Free Signature Collection Travel Size Item ( up to $5 Value ) - Bath & Body Works

Sign up for the Bath & Body e-newsletter here.

In my mailbox, I received a coupon for a free Signature Collection Travel Size item. No purchase necessary. And, Bath & Body Works are notorious for sending great deals out like this.

In fact, when you sign up with their newsletter now, you will get a coupon for a free travel size Signature Collection item w/ any purchase. Although it isn't completely free, you can usually find small items for sale that cost very little to use with the coupon.

Heading to my store tomorrow to pick my free item up. I like to use these as small add on gifts for teacher gifts.

50 Bonus Points to the VIP Lego Club & Free Lego Creation Monthly

This weekend we hit the local Lego store with our eldest son. He loved it!

If you register in store as a VIP Lego member, you will get 50 bonus points ( worth $2.50 ) by November 8th.

On top of that, you get extra points for participating in different events with Lego. Once you reach 100 points you can get a free $5 certificate.

While we are on the subject of Lego, did you know you can go to your local store once a month and participate in a Monthly Mini Build workshop with your kids. Each child will build a project ( this month it is a lego turkey ) and then they get to keep it free! The next even is November 3rd at 5PM. Only 250 available per store.

Would you like to see where your closest Lego Store is? Click here.

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