Monday, September 14, 2009

Up to $7 Free from Discover Card

I haven't touched on credit cards for awhile, mainly because there haven't been any available that are just outstanding offers.

I have come to accept the fact that ever since the current economic issues surfaced, the credit card industry is just not offering the amazing credit card offers anymore. But, don't fret, there are still good offers and you will still make money using your credit cards if done wisely!

$7 Free thanks to Discover

Why did I decide to write this post today? Well, if you missed it in Sunday's paper yesterday, go cut it out! There is a coupon for $2 off ANYTHING when you pay with your Discover credit card. Wonderful!

In addition, I also got an email from Discover this past week stating I will receive a $5 credit on my Discover Bill if I spend $5 or more at select locations in my area. They then provided me a list of the stores I could go shop at and get something for $5 for free. Check your email accounts, if you are a member of Discover right now. My email was titled: Get $5 Cashback Bonus for using your Discover Card

$50 Bonus from Discover

Not a current member of Discover yet? Right now, if you get their More Card, you get a $50 sign on bonus and THEN begin receiving 5% back on your purchase categories, depending on the month. For example, in September you will get 5% back on gas, but next month you get 5% back on groceries.

Since these are items you purchase for your family anyway, you can now begin making money for your family off of your cards.

Want to get your $50 bonus and access to Discover? Click here.

Apply now and get $50 Cash Back!

Tips to Making Money on Credit Cards

Here are some tips, though:
  • Always pay your balance in full and receive no finance charges
  • Set your credit card to pay automatically from your checking each month ( so you don't miss a payment and incur late charges )
  • Just as if you were writing a check or paying with cash, take a bank register and mark down the price of each purchase so you can balance your check book.
  • Consider the money spent on your credit card as cash ALREADY gone from your checking. This will keep you from overspending ( since you must have enough in your checking account ) and also prevent you from an overdraft on your checking account. This is why logging it as spent helps.
  • Put stickers on the front of your cards showing which categories you need to use them on each month to earn the most.
  • Begin MAKING money via your cashback rewards.
Last year, my family made just shy of $1,000 on our cashback rewards. It is FREE Money you don't want to pass up!

My advice, research the cards you want before applying. When you apply for a credit card, it does reflect on your credit score. This is not necessarily bad, if you are opening only one, but if you begin opening a whole bunch of credit cards in a relatively short time, this can have a negative effect on your score.

Safety Online

Finally, one of the main reasons I love credit cards is the safety the provide shopping online. As many of us know, we need credit cards to take part in the Online Offer deals.

For Online Offers, I like to recommend either a Discover card or a Citi Card.


Both cards offer what is called a virtual credit card #. This means, when you are getting ready to make an online purchase ( all those offers on Online Offers ), your credit card will give you a one time use or one merchant use card number that LINKS to your actual credit card.

This means, if the credit card # gets into the wrong hands and tries to use that card #, they won't be able to and the order will not be processed for the person who stole your card! It is an extra safety measure online and keeps you just a bit safer! :)

In addition, with any credit card, if a charge goes through that is not authorized, you can file a dispute and not pay the charge while they get it worked out with the merchant. In addition, if the merchant gets too many "dings" against them from consumers for unauthorized sales, this can damage their ability to be able to do business with the credit card companies. They do not want this to happen and will often work with you on erroneous charges.

As I find other deals for credit cards, I will try to bring them to you.

Hope you got the coupon out of the paper and the $5 email offer, too! I always like free money! :)

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Anonymous said...

where was the discover coupon in the paper? I couldn't find it..


Carrie @ said...

It is in the Smartsource coupon packet.

Each state is reporting different Discover coupon amounts or advertisements.

Some got the $2, like me, some got $1 and some got none...just an advertisement.

If you find the Discover ad in your Smartsource packet, look at the very bottom. If there is no barcode coupon, then you are one of the states that didn't get one. Bummer!

J to the T said...

Oregon didn't get the coupon in the paper, nor did I get the $5 coupon from Discover. :(