Friday, September 4, 2009

Freebie Frenzy Time!

Big thanks to Bekah at Motherhood Moment for her weekly Freebie listing for us all!

Don't forget, before you begin signing up for offers, click here to look up freebies with Shops 4 Freebies and go to FreeFlys here. These are two wonderful sites that I visit frequently to sign up for all my free items each week.

And, you can visit my Freebies page at anytime to see a current listing of Freebies! Just click here or go to the Freebies button in the left menu bar.Here are some freebies you don't want to forget to request:

Bekah's list (thanks so much ):

And, don't miss these posts from Bekah:
Upcoming posts at Motherhood Moment:
  • Mealtime Magic: Pizza Pockets
  • Uses for a used shower curtain

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