Monday, August 31, 2009

$50 to $100 Gift Certificate for Study

This isn't one of my typical Focus Group/Market Research studies. I will not be listing all the studies available today ( as I like to accumulate a list of them for you during the week )! :) Click here to learn more about making money with Focus Groups and to sign up with the companies I have recommended so far.

But, I wan't did to get this group posted today since I was so excited when I stumbled upon it today.

Before I start, though, I am happy to report that readers are starting to report back to me they are being accepted for studies and earning money!

In fact, Stephanie reported on my Facebook Page that she was doing the Grilling Study this past Sunday for $350. On top of that, if I understood her correctly, they gave her $400 to cover food, too. Wow! They went to the grocery store with her and her husband, watched them grill then will pay them for their time.

Stephanie, how did it go? Were they a good company and would you do work for them again?

Interested in signing up with Focus Forward and checking out all of their current studies, too? Click here.

OK...on to this specific study!

$50 or $100 Usability Group has a panel set up to help them with their site. If you are selected to take part in the study, they will pay you $50 to $100 for your time ( in certificates, of course )

Click here to take part!

The form to fill out takes moments and then, keep your fingers crossed! :)

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Laura C said...

I filled out the Amazon form and then read the FAQs. Wrong order. It said you'd come into their offices in Seattle! Oops! Unless they are going to fly me there from VA, I don't think that would work out :)