Friday, August 28, 2009

( 3 ) $20 Smith's Prescription Coupons

Do you know why I love blogging so much?

I get to meet ( via the internet ) so many caring and generous people from all over! So many times, I feel like I personally know some of you since we have emailed, chatted via Twitter or Facebook or even talked on the phone!

Well, one of my long time and favorite readers ( she emails me a lot with great finds/thank you emails/etc ), Cher, has graciously told me she has 3 Smith's $20 Prescription coupons that she does not need.

They expire on September 30th.

If you live near a Smith's ( this is a sister store to Krogers ), please leave a comment below that you would like one of these coupons and then fill out the form below with your information so Cher can mail them to you!

Remember, using prescription coupons are a great way to make extra money! You can click here to read how I do it or go to the Prescription button in my left menu bar at any time.

Thank you, thank you Cher for your generosity!

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Ilene Heninger said...

I TOTALLY need a prescription coupon, we get way too many prescriptions each month. Thanks.

Heidi said...

I would love one!

busy mom said...

Carrie, I thought I would go ahead and send this to you. I got my sewing machine today and I got the paper showing a another free item - code BHBBAGSET

Mel said...

I have been waiting for a RX coupon! I would love one!

Melanie Stewart said...

Would love a prescription coupon as I need to transfer my prescription from CVS this month! THANKS

Carrie @ said...

Sorry Melanie,

The first 3 are gone already.

If I find anymore, or if anyone wants to share some...feel free to let me know.


Ilene said...

THANK you SOOOO much for the coupon. It will come in handy for sure this month, we are just barely scraping by and could use every little bit of help. I really appreciate your generosity!!!