Saturday, August 15, 2009

$25 Kmart Prescription Coupon - Up to $100

I love making money on my prescriptions! In fact, I went and hand my vitamins transferred to Kroger yesterday. I had a $20 coupon if I transfer ( so I moved it from Walgreens ) and paid $5 out of pocket ( thanks to my insurance plan ). That means, I got my vitamins and made a profit of $15. Yay!

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I wanted to update, since I haven't in quite awhile, that there is a new $25 Kmart Prescription available.

Click here to print it out for your use.

You can use it up to 4 times ( so $100 ) and it expires December 31st, 2009.

Hope some of you can find this useful! :)

Thanks to Money Saving Girl for sharing!

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liz said...

Be aware with Kmart pharmacy coupons: they only give you a gift card up to the value of your prescription. So if your copay is $5, the giftcard value will only be $5. The giftcard cannot exceed the value of the prescription, so if your Rx costs $50, the most you'd get on the giftcard is $25.

It still means you'll get the Rx for free, (essentially), but not so much for a money maker. But, if your cvs or Walgreens takes competitor coupons, you might do better that way.

Carrie @ said...


Thanks for that update.

The last time I transferred to Kmart was over a year ago ( they used to give me the full value ), but you are RIGHT!!!

It does say in the terms at the bottom!

And, good idea..use it as a replacement at one of your other locations.