Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Coldplay Album Download

Wow! Really?

I truly enjoy Coldplay! In fact, I wanted to go to their concert when they were down here ( asked my husband for them for my birthday ), but of course, humpf, he didn't get them for me! :-)

And, his sister ( my darling sister-in-law, Meggy ) got to go with her friends instead. Then, drove to Nashville to watch them again! Wow. She is dedicated. I really need to tell her about this!

Anyway, to thank their fans in this tough economy ( and because they love touring live ), they are providing the 9 song album free via download from their site. The title is "leftrightleftrightleft".

Want to grab this fun freebie, too? Click here.

I am listening to it right now on my computer while I type this post! I think I will let it play while I cook dinner tonight. :-)

Thanks Coldplay!!!!!

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