Tuesday, July 7, 2009

20/20 Research Inc & Over $600 In Study Opportunities!

Welcome to my new weekly feature on Market Research. I will strive to bring you new programs to join each week, as well as list any studies these companies are screening for at the current time.

Want to learn how to make money on Market Research and sign up for all current programs I have introduced? Click here or go to my Focus Groups button in my left menu bar. All the recommended companies I suggest you register with will be listed in the side bar.

This week, I would like to introduce you to 20/20 Research.

20/20 Research Incorporated

20/20 is another wonderful company to join. Not only do they offer studies in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami, but they also offer online studies that are open to all of us....nationwide!

This company primarily focuses on one-on-one or smaller discussions. Many times, this is often via online bulletin boards. In fact, they also do their screeners both online and via the telephone ( so make sure to pick up the phone ).

In addition, they only let you participate in about 2 studies a year, so this does leave opportunities open for more of us around the U.S. Yay!

Would you like to sign up with 20/20, too? Click here to register.

After your account is set up, go here to take screeners for their current studies:

  • $75 Nashville Study on TV Viewing
  • $45 Winston-Salem Fast Food Breakfast Study
  • $75 Charlotte Restaurant Study
  • Up to $155 Nashville Study for Teens and Young Adults on Fashion
  • $75 Charlottesville, VA Study on Health Care

Here are some additional studies with another Market Research company!

Focus Forward

If you are not yet registered with Focus Forward, please click here to get your welcome email.

Once you receive your and sign up, you can go here to take the screeners for all the studies listed below and any that are still open from previous updates. Or, if you are already a member, you can begin to take your screeners, too!

  • $65 Nationwide Phone Study on Men's Health Issues
  • $75 Nationwide Study on Mixed Drinks
  • $75 Winston-Salem, NC Shop Along

After you sign up, there may be a survey mailed to you. It pays $1.00 for about 10 minutes of questions. Check your email inbox and SPAM to see if you get this survey invite, too.

Don't forget, please leave comments on my Bragger post as you earn money on Market Research. And, if it is with a company I have not listed, please still leave a comment so I can share this new company with everyone!

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