Wednesday, July 8, 2009

$17 Bonus for Auto Quotes

Insurance quotes are a great way to save money for your family. First of all, not only does it potentially save you money on a bill you pay already, but you often times get bonuses.

I try to run my auto insurance at least once a year, if not every 6 months. I do this to see if I can get my auto insurance bill lowered. And, in fact, last year I saved my family hundreds of dollars EACH year by switching to 21st Century Insurance. Eventually, I did the same with my home insurance and saved hundreds, too.

Click here to read my original post.

Also, want to see if 21st Century can save you hundreds, too? Click here. It takes just a bit of time and could be well worth it if you save hundreds, too.

Now, even though I saved so much by switching, I still recheck my rates to make sure someone can't beat the prices I am getting 21st Century.

So, when I heard that Farmers Agent, Raymond Barger, is giving $10 free to anyone who comes in and gets an auto quote, I was there. I immediately set up an appointment, pulled my insurance folder out of my filing cabinet and drove to my appointment.

It didn't take much time to get my quote and hear about the different benefits of Farmers. And, he gives a $10 Speedway Gift Card for stopping in and getting your quote.

So, here are the details for you! Set up your appointment, get your $10 and potentially find an insurance provider that saves you vs. what you are paying today! And, don't worry if you don't live near his office. Read below for $7 worth of bonuses available to most of the United States for their auto quotes.

$10 Speedway Gas Card - Farmers Auto Quote

  • Must be local to Southern Ohio to go to his office
  • Call him at (513) 795-0293 to set up an appointment
  • Please let him know that Carrie at Money Saving Methods sent you for your $10 Speedway Gas Card with quote
  • Make sure your appointment is with Raymond Barger ( he is the only one offering the $10 bonus )
  • Here is his contact page

$7 Free with Auto Quotes from Upromise

  • Register here with Upromise, if you are not already a member
  • Go to the Auto link under Earn Rewards
  • Scroll down until you see the button for $5 free with quote from Liberty Mutual.
  • Get an additional $2 Free with auto quote from Find the link on the box at the bottom of the page, under our auto partners
  • You can request a quote every 6 months for home, auto and renters insurance and receive a bonus

Enjoy your bonuses, and hopefully you save lots of $$ on your auto insurance!

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Tara said...

I just got a letter from AAA for the same kind of thing. I had to call and they gave me my quote over the phone as well as a code. There was a certificate in the letter they sent I had to put the code onto and mail back. I should see my $20 check in 4-6 weeks with no further obligation since they couldn't beat my current rate. Easy!!

Carrie @ said...


Isn't it great. When I originally did my 21st Century quote, it was with a $20 invite, too.

I do these whenever they become available! Why not get free money, plus potentially lower one of my bills if the insurance is cheaper.

Congrats on your $20!

Sandra Dee said...

Thanks Carrie! This is awesome! I actually need to switch insurance companies since moving out of state. I might as well earn some money while doing it, right? I already knew about and completed the Liberty Mutual quote. Now I'll check out the others. Thanks so much!

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