Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day - $5 FREE!!!

Wow!!! That was fast! is already sending out another gift certificate code worth $5!!!

Make sure to check your mail and SPAM folder for an email with the title $5 gift card enclosed. Spend it on Dad! And, if you deleted it, go pull it from your trash folder.

One of the best ways I make and save money is by signing up with any newsletter or free membership programs for companies. They so often send great incentives, just like this. In fact, I have a separate email set up for all my "deals" so they don't interfere with my personal email. I highly advise it.

So, is one of the newsletters I highly recommend. They send you $5 free a few times a year. Click here to register for free.

Why do I love this specific deal they send out? Because, you have two options. You can take the discount for have them send a check.

First, you can choose to either use the $5 on ANY purchase. For example, here is there under $10 list. Deduct another $5 off these prices, and you have a good deal:

  • FamilyFun - $9.95
  • Seventeen $7.97
  • Field & Stream $5.97 - Brings it down to 97 Cents!
  • Popular Mechanics $10.00
  • Motor Trend $10.00
  • BusinessWeek $9.97
  • Redbook $5.99 - Brings it down to 99 Cents!
  • Woman's Day $9.99
  • Parents $9.97
  • Marie Claire $8.00
  • Family Handyman $9.97
  • Parenting Early Years $9.97
  • House Beautiful $10.00
  • Esquire $8.00
  • Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade $9.99
  • Teen Vogue $10.00
  • Shape $9.97
  • Muscle & Fitness $9.97
  • Parenting School Years $9.97
  • Harper's BAZAAR $8.00
  • In-Fisherman $10.00
  • Horse Illustrated $10.00
  • Nylon $9.97
  • VIBE $6.97
  • Men's Fitness $9.97

Click here to order a magazine from above or any one you want. now, if you just don't need a magazine right now, you can request your $5 check! Yes, it is true. They mail you a $5 check. I just recently got mine in the mail from the last time they had this deal.

Want your $5 sent to you? Click here to request your money.

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Michele said...

Hmmmmm I didn't get the email and I signed up right after Mother's Day. Do you have any ideas why? I haven't bought a subscription yet. Could that be why?

Carrie @ said...


Not sure how they designate who gets the emails and who doesn't.

I am not sure if that would be it or not. I had another reader write me and say she signed up last time I posted it and got the email today.

I know with other companies, like JC Penney, etc, we don't all get the $10 off $10 coupons at the same time either.

I am sure there is some method to their madness, but just make sure you always read all emails you get from quickly to see if you ever get a code.


I got it. Thanks Carrie. I joined after your last post about the $5 gift card. I also received my $10 Office Max Perks certificate. I've now earned over $715 since January 1st following your offers. Love it!

Carrie @ said...

Thank you SOO much for sharing! $715..WOW!

Hearing from readers and their success stories really keep me motivated!!

I so appreciate when you share this with me! Makes me so very happy as a blogger! :-)

Anonymous said...

I got the E-mail and requested the check. Thank you....I never would have noticed this option if you hadn't mentioned it!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog and wonderful info - when I try to redeem this offer, I am asked for a "Cash Card #" ... I checked my profile, but do not see that I was given a cash card - any ideas? Thanks

Kathleen said...

Hi there,

I have the same question about the cash card #. I believe I just deleted all my spam mails right before I read your post about this!!! Ugh!

I just recently received my check from the last time they did this. Thanks so much for posting it. I'm hoping you can help us figure out the cash card #.


Steph said...

I just got an email and i'm also confused by the cash card #. Any ideas?

Carrie @ said...


I just got an email for $5, too, but it wasn't a certificate...just a coupon.

The coupons don't count towards the free $5 check.

Is that what you got, too, or was it a certificate #?