Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Photo Card for Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there ( or the men in our lives )!!

I was extremely excited to find this Free Photo Card from excited.

I put together one for Ryan this evening ( the card you see above ) and added four adorable pictures of him and the three kiddos.

But, to make it JUST a bit more special. I had it mailed to his business address. This way, it will be delivered to him thru internal mail at his office and be an unexpected surprise for him during his work day.

I figured we would be giving him his gift at home and the kids will want to draw him cards, so this photo card is something he can set on his desk. :-)

Want to get your free card, too?

Access PhotoWorks registration here.

You will ALSO get 25 free prints if you are a new member to their site. Update: thanks for K commenting below. It appears they are giving 50 free prints away right now!!!

Then, upload your pictures and begin putting together the free Photo Card. Use promo code LOVEDAD and watch the price of the card deducted.

Shipping was $1.49 for me, but I figured by the time you deduct postage of 44 cents, the cost to me is really only a bit over $1! Good deal for a Photo Card!

And, if you want to mail it to "grandparents", have it shipped directly there and save the postage.

Offer ends June 16th!

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K~ said...

Thanks! I just signed up with them to get my free card and it turns out they give you 50 free prints!

Carrie @ said...

Woo, hoo! I'll update the post...thanks for the heads up!

mona said...

hi carrie,

i signed up for the free 50 prints, is there a coupon code to get it? at checkout, my total is still $10 plus with the handling and shipping. can you help me please? thank you.


mona said...

hi carrie, i also have another question, is this promo only one per household or could i create one for my husband? thanks!

mona said...

hi carrie,

i also found out that you can use ebates to get a 9% cashback! cool!

Toni said...

Is it best to use the quick upload? Or the basic upload? I can't seem to get more than 5 pictures uploaded with the quick upload...

Carrie @ said...


Let me research for you

And, great tip about Ebates. Let me know if they refund anything, since it comes to $0. I didn't think they paid on shipping, but I could be wrong. I would LOVE to know!


I didn't even pay attention. I thought I just used the basic upload feature..I am not sure if it said Quick Upload or not