Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6 Free Swagbucks!!

Thank you, Thank you to Swagbucks for once again offering a Swagcode giveaway on my site!

This time the code is only going to be valid for NEW members! When you use my code you will get 3 Points and you will also get 3 Points when you register as a new member. This equals 6 free points for new members!

How does this benefit those of us who are already members?

Don't forget the great referral program! You can refer others, and then give them this additional code for an extra 3 points! You will then earn up to 100 extra swagbucks every time they win! This is a great time to inform them about this program.

And, Swagbucks is also going to have some fun events this week, as they kick off new features. So, all of us who have been members for awhile, we can benefit and earn extra points with the Swaghunts they will having, too.

New to Swagbucks? Wondering what it is?

It is a search engine, just like Google. In fact, it is powered by Google and Ask. You save it as your homepage, and every time you need to do a search on the web, you do it thru Swagbucks instead of Google or whatever program you currently use.

Then, you randomly get swag bucks that can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes, etc. On average, you can make approx. $5 a month in gift cards for doing something you already do. Remember, every little bit helps. Click here to register.

Here is the schedule that was sent to me:

  • Tuesday: Video Game Section Expansion: We will be adding 1000's of new and used titles to the video game section of the Swag Store, and offering a special sale on many of these titles!
  • Wednesday: Shop&Earn Favorites: This great new feature gives you the ability to choose your 'Favorite' stores in our shop&earn mall, and receive updates on new coupons that originate from these retailers. So not only will you get Swag Bucks for your purchases, you will be notified immediately when a great deals becomes available!
  • Thursday: Swagbucks.com 2.5 Launch: Swagbucks.com 2.5 is the next evolution of the Swag Bucks homepage. It will feature a new cleaner look, with easier navigation & quick links and a few new special elements - we think its pretty snazzy :)
  • Swag Bucks Widget: The ultimate referral / promotional tool. The widget will be 300px by 301px, and will feature a search box, prize images, swag code alerts, and a referral tab The widget allows you to generate referrals through the registration tab, and through those who do a search & win through the widget on your page. The widget is simple html code that you copy and paste on your blog or social network profile! If you ever wanted a search box that generates referrals on your blog, this is how you get it!
OK...so are you ready for your free code? It is valid until the 16th at 11:59pm PST. It is case sensitive. It must be entered during the registration process.


So, time to register! Or, time to refer your friends and earn some extra points!

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Carolyn F said...

Carrie, it's telling me the code is invalid, and I cut/paste from your blog!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm also getting the same "invalid" message.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

You guys are all brand new to Swagbucks, right?

I will check with Swagbucks now to see why it isn't going thru.

It WON'T go thru for those of us who were already members, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to swagbucks...Got mine!! Everything worked OK for me. THANKS!!

Free Money said...

wow thanks. its weird how I never heard about this site and all of a sudden I see these codes everywhere. I have some sites like swagbucks in my site too, so feel free to take a look.

learning the ropes said...

Okay I want to make sure I understand correctly. I use
my SwagBucks referral code
but tell my "visitors" to
type in the special code
once they sign up. Is that
correct? Don't want to cheat
anyone here. How does the
nice lady at MoneySavingsMethod
benefit? I already signed up
under her referal code and have
earned over 100 SwagBucks.
Anyways enjoy this site very
much. Check it everyday. Would
like to try one of those $500
Visa card offers but am scared
to try. Lost my job over a year
ago and can't find another. My
wife is bringing home the money
(she is a real trooper but is
very embarrassing for me.) Trying
to do the Mr Mom thing but it is
hard. Have a new appreciation for
what my wife has done these many
years. I and wish everyone well.