Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$125 Focus Group Invite for Shaving Products

Time for our weekly invite from Focus Forward. This is becoming a tradition! :-) Thanks goes to iMommies!

New to Market Research and earning money with this method? Click here or go to my Focus Group button in my left menu bar at anytime to learn more.

This week, the invite is even better. They are currently running a study for Shaving products and you will earn $125 if you qualify. They are looking for men! So, if you don't qualify, make sure to see if you husband might qualify.

New to Focus Forward? Click here and fill out your information. I will get an invite to the company sent out to you. Once you receive the registration and have signed up, go here to see if you qualify for the $125 study.

If you have previously registered with Focus Forward, you can go here to find the link to see if you or your significant other qualifies for the study.

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Anonymous said...


I'd like to sign up, plz....Can i just click on the link to sign up or do i need to wait for your reg form??? I'd like to process this asap b4 it runs out...


Laura C said...

Hi, I registered a couple weeks ago - do you know if I can just put my husband's info on this shaving qualifier to see if he qualifies, or does he need his own registration first? I signed up on your invite - Thanks!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


I sent all the links out, so hopefully you have it.

If not, feel free to click on the link and see if it works.

Remember, it is for men!


I don't know. I signed my husband up just to be safe...but it may work that way, too.