Wednesday, May 13, 2009

$100 Giveaway - Thanks

The school year is almost over, sports are in full swing, and Father's Day is right around the corner!

As we all know, these are all events in our lives that often times require us to work together with others to get group gifts for teachers, coaches, Dad ( or Grandpa ), etc. And, that is why I was very intrigued with contacted me regarding their site and a $100 Giveaway!

Remember, this $100 can be used to shop at any store online thru their site, or you can withdraw it via paypal!

There service is geared specifically to assisting us all in purchasing group gifts! So, take that $100, use some of it to buy a Father's Day gift, use a little more for Birthday, the Holidays, Teacher Gifts, etc.

Would you like to enter this Giveaway?

Click here or go to my Giveaway button in the left menu bar at anytime, to read all the rules/regulations on entering for this $100!

And, Good Luck! I can't wait to announce the winner two weeks from today!

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Jackie said...

Hey I just gave you a blog award! Check it out on my page here

Nichole said...

I looked at my e-mail from yesterday and it has an April giveaway code on it. Where is the May code in the e-mail? Thanks! :)

Carrie @ said...


Go ahead and use the April code.

The May code will be on your next email subscription, but the April code will work, too.

I will update my post to show that.

Thanks for checking, though.

Nichole said...

I got the May code on today's e-mail. Thanks for the chace!! :)

TopazTook said...

Good idea for a site -- now if I can just convince my women's group that is always buying baby gifts to use it -- would make money collection so much easier!

Carrie @ said...

Good idea...and that got me to thinking...we could use it for collecting money for our babysitting fund for our weekly Bible Study. We use the money to get the babysitters gifts and tokens of appreciation thruout the year, and we are constanty collecting cash and checks from each other. Quite a pain. This would be so easy!