Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Mothers Day Photo Card! Don't Wait!

I love Mother's Day! Not necessarily because I am a mother ( although I love that aspect, too ), but because I get to honor my own mother, my wonderful mother-in-law and, also my husband's step mother.

I am so blessed to have three great women in my life and part of my family. I love all three and, thankfully, have a great relationship with them! And, to melt my heart even more, my kids ADORE them all. There is nothing like seeing your children cling to their grandparents and love, love, love them. Even if that means the baby pushes me away and shakes his head no when I try to hold him because he wants to stay in his Grandma's arms. :-)

I remember, I loved my Grandma without limit, and miss her to this day. My eyes are welling with tears right now, as I can picture her clear as day. So, I understand and know that feeling my children get when with their grandmothers.

So, I am extremely excited that Kodak is offering free Photo Cards for Mother's Day with their 1 million card giveaway! Woo, hoo! What a great way to add something special to that Mother's Day gift.

On top of that, if you are a new customer of Kodak Gallery, you will get 20 free prints! Yay! So, print some nice pictures, too, and you benefit as well!

Free Card Giveaway at Kodak Gallery

Here are the details:

  • Click here to register/sign in with Kodak. Remember to print your 20 free prints if a new member!
  • Create a Photo Fold Card for their Mother' selection
  • Check out with code FREECARD
  • Shipping came to 99 cents. Cheaper than most cards at the store
  • Only one per account. So, have your husband/wife sign up and send their "mommy" a card, too!
  • Expires May 16th

Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for sharing this great find.

Don't forget to go to my Free Photos button in my left menu bar to find all current Free Photo offers you can take advantage of right now. This is a great way to save on those family memories!


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1 comment:

Chief Family Officer said...

It sounded like a great deal but shipping for me would have cost $1.99 - not worth it! I've read that others have only paid 99 cents shipping though, so it must depend on where you are shipping to.