Wednesday, April 15, 2009

$10 off $10 at Woman Within

Yay!! Another great $10 off $10 coupon code! And it came to me because I was signed up to receive their newsletters. I would highly recommend you do the same!

First, before you start shopping...choose which Online Rebate Shopping site you are going to use.
The highest rebate I saw was 4.5% for CrumbSavers at Big Crumbs. After that Ebates and Mr. Rebates are both at 3% ( both with a $5 Sign On Bonus if you are new ).

Because you will be using a coupon code not on their site, there is always a chance you may not get your rebate, but it is worth a try. You just never know.

Now that you have selected which site you are going to use, here are the details

$10 off $10 or more - Woman Within
  • Go to Woman Within thru Big Crumbs, Ebates or Mr. Rebates
  • Go to their Clearance section. They have $6.88 and under, and a $9.98 and unders section. I combined two items and my total came to 42 cents after the $10 off
  • My shipping came to $5.99
  • Enter coupon code WW31867 - Expires 4/17/09
  • Check out

Now...the offer gets better with a Trial Offer again. It is very similar to the Brylane Home deals.

  • Sign up for Complete Savings at the end of the order
  • You get $10 certificate off your next order ( so go back in and shop again )
  • Also, send your email receipt from the first order into them for ANOTHER $10 back via rebate! Wow! Simply take the order confirmation email sent to you and forward it to
  • Remember to mark your calendar for this 30 day trial, because it is free the first month, but $12 each month after. Although, you do get a $10 credit for Woman Within each month to offset that fee, if you do decide to continue and enjoy this program.

With all of this, you should make money plus get quite a few pieces of clothing. If their sizes of clothing don't fit you, consider buying gifts for someone that may fit in their clothes. I am using mine as presents! For Profit!

My original order came to $6.95 w/shipping, and I will get $10 back!


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Connie P said...

Thanks Carrie! I did this today and on my second order, I got another offer for $10 off. I decided not to do that one, but just wanted your readers to know that they could end up getting even more off if they get another offer after their second order!

I not only got some nice slippers for myself, but I got a couple of gifts. I love your blog! Thanks for all the tips!

Oh, and I got everything approved for my first Online offer yesterday...just need to mail my certificate this afternoon!

Thanks again for all the tips!

Connie Petertonjes

Stephanie said...

Hi Carrie - I did this deal, and everything worked as you said. However, I have had trouble finding where we can print our reciept and send in for the additional $10 rebate. Can you help?

Carrie @ said...

Connie...hey, glad you were able to get some great deals. I love these types of offers.

Hope Craig and the kids are all doing well!


No need to print anything out. Simply forward your order confirmation from Woman Within to

I will update the post to show that now...thanks for the reminder that I forgot that step.

SharonW said...

Thanks a ton Carrie! I just completed the offer and ended up with 3 shirts and oop $8.73 - should get $10 back in rebate! That's 3 free shirts and profit! I like that kind of shopping! Thanks for the good tips.

Stacy said...

Hi Carrie,

When I looked at the bottom of the first order confirmation email it says that I qualified for a free shipping rebate. It's through a company called Are you familiar with them at all?


Carrie @ said...


I never get this deal, BUT readers mentioned they got it on the Brylane Home deals I posted about in previous posts.

I believe they all had luck with them...I haven't heard otherwise. So, it would definitely be worth a shot.

E said...

Is the rebate a check? Do I write anything in the body of the email like, "Please send my rebate?"

Carrie @ said...

Yes, it comes in the form of a check.

I don't write anything in mine. I simply forward it, as is.

The email you send it to is exclusively for the rebates, so they know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Carrie -

Tell your readers to also use promo code WW19300 for free shipping! I ordered two pair of pants and only paid shipping on one of the orders. Thank you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I joined Complete Savings in December - through

They have the $10 back for your welcome bonus AND a $10 for your first month. (Or at least they did with mine) So you should be able to do the $10 welcome bonus AND the $10 April bonus in the same month.

Again - I joined through pizza hut - so I get my $10 back each month on Pizza Hut orders.

But if I place a $15 order - use a $5 erewards coupon code, and pick the pizza up - that is one free pizza each month - which pretty much covers the cost of membership.

If you decide to STAY a member - be sure to print 2 of each kind of coupon (dining, shopping, attractions) each month.

You get 50 points each month for staying a member - and you get points for printing those coupons each month. So every few months you can trade the points in on a gift card.

The PREMIUM coupons can only be used once per year. Most of those are the buy one get one free things.

So I only print those when I want to use them.

If I haven't found anything I want to use - but want to get my points for the month on the coupons - I just print a few of the 20% off coupons (use fast draft - and the same paper).


Anonymous said...

On the question on, I joined that when Carrie told us about the Brylane specials.

I submitted some purchases a couple weeks ago, but haven't been paid yet.

But they have been very good at answering emails and actually answering questions (not just cut and pasting the same stuff you read before you ask the question in the first place.)

You do have to be a member at the time you make the purchase and the time your claim is processed.

They have quite a few merchants. Even Amazon, ebay, and

You can be reimbursed shipping from the same merchant up to 12 times per year.


E said...

I forwarded my receipt to the email but they said I have to be a member of I went to the site but it says it costs $12 a month, so I don't think I will pursue the $10 rebate.

Carrie @ said...


YOu should have gotten the free trial request for 30 days at the end of your order? Did you not get it?

If you did, you send your rebate in immediately and get your $10 while under your 30 day free trial.

Karen said...

Everything worked great but I wasn't happy with my choice from Woman Within. With the high cost of shipping I don't want to exchange unless they give me credit before the $10 off coupon. Do you know the policy?