Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Swagcode Again!

Bumping back to the top again! Another new Swagcode is floating around out there. :-) I just got mine.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, check your inbox. It is at the bottom of the email we got today. Check your spam mailbox, too.

If you don't subscribe to their newsletter, you should. Don't worry, you don't get tons of emails...very periodically. But, when you do, there is often a free code in it. Just like today!

To subscribe to their newsletter, go to their homepage and it is in the left menu bar...almost at the bottom. I believe it is the 11th one down.

From 2 Days Ago:

Time for another free swagcode!!

HappySwagDay ( this one might be expired...this is from a post 2 days ago...still try )

Enter it and get 1 free point. It is only being given to the first 10,000!

When you get the code, you click on the large number on the right of your screen that shows you how many points you currently have. It will take you to another page, scroll down and on your left side you will see a box that says Enter Your SwagCode.

New to Swagbucks? Join. Seriously! It is one of my favorite programs.

What is it, you may ask? It is a search engine, just like Google. In fact, it is powered by Google and Ask. You save it as your homepage, and everytime you need to do a search on the web, you do it thru Swagbucks instead of Google or whatever program you currently use.

Then, you randomly get swag bucks that can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes, etc. On average, you can make approx. $5 a month in gift cards for doing something you already do. Remember, every little bit helps.

BUT, if you refer friends, you can make even more. You get a swagbuck everytime they win, up to 100. That can add up fast, if you tell alot of people. I made enough to buy all my Christmas gifts for nothing out of pocket....thanks to all the gift certificates I had accumulated. I am talking over $100 worth of merchandise.

Click here to register with Swagbucks yourself. Then, save as your Homepage.

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!



Anonymous said...

So swag code is ....?

Carrie @ said...

Did you go to the homepage and find the ad?

Anonymous said...

lol. Where is the ad? I went to the home page, and happy birthday things were mean from that section?

Carrie @ said...

Wow. I think all 10,000 might be gone isn't up anymore.

Well, here it try. Let me know, so I can mark my title as expired if it is already gone.


Anonymous said...

it worked......where did you get it?? BTW, i rec'd 1 pot!!! hehe

V said...

Got it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just got your e-mail, but still the code is already no good. This is the second time. Wonder what the deal is.

Anonymous said...

Figured it out. The code is case sensitive. Thanks for the point. Wish they awarded more for searches.

Amy said...

Thanks, Carrie! I just got mine. Woot! I love Swagbucks.

And, yes, those shoes you saw on my Wordless Wednesday are Crocs. Technically, they are You by Crocs, but Crocs nonetheless. Aren't they HAWT?!

Let me know which ones you pick out!

Cristy said...

GOt it thanks

The Happy Housewife said...

Thanks for the code, I am almost up to 150 bucks! Woo hoo!

Lori said...

Yippee! I got it this time! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

My gosh, I did rec'd the e-mail but i deleted cuz i saw nuttin. So i had to dig out the e-mail from Swag and found the code. Who knew there was a code. Anyway, thx.

Rachel from Texas said...

I just signed up through the link you posted (hopefully that was your referral link so you get credit). I know I know what took me so long? LOL I don't know but I'm signed up now. Thanks!

Chris said...

I got something from Swagbucks and it said Happy birthday on it. But I can't find the swagcode. I'm I doing something wrong?

Carrie @ said...

That's it

Go to the very bottom.

It is mentioned there...kind of looks like part of the graphics...not necessarily typed in the message.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, Carrie. I did get the e-mail and looked through very quickly hoping to find code. I didn't see any, so i tossed it. Later, i found out from your site that there is one. So i had to dig through my trash bin and found it. i think you are freebies, sale deal, etc magnet. lol. We saw exactly same thing and you found it while i didn't.