Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, I am finally back on schedule with my grocery shopping...Tuesday nights! With the Holidays, I got a little off track! It felt good to get back into the swing of things!

And, tonight was an enjoyable evening of grocery shopping for me, because I found so many great deals. That always makes me a Happy Mommy/Wife!

As you saw from my Budget post, Groceries was one of the items on our budget, of course. I budgeted $100 for a family of 5. Last year, when I ran all my final numbers, we came in approx. $68 a week when averaged over the year. This, of course, was also due to the fact that I took advantage of the great Kroger discounted gift cards and bought $2,400 of them. I just recently ran out of those. So, that added a lot of extra savings last year, that I may not necessarily get this year.

Anyway, thanks to the Grocery Game (please use referral ), I was able to come in under budget today! Yeah! I got $206 worth of groceries for $78. Woo, hoo!

Don't forget to combine the stores savings/coupons with eCoupons and Rebates to get the most for your money.

What was my favorite deal of the night at our area Krogers? The $5 off $25 P&G Promotion they are running. Remember, it is only on participating items ( they will be marked in store ). And, the total of $25 is BEFORE coupons come off. Here is how I broke my deal out:

  • Always Infinity Pads - Reg $9.79 - Sale $9.00 - Manu. Coupon from Catalina Print Out ($3.00 ) - P&G Esavers Coupon ($2.00 ) - Final $4.00
  • Crest Pro Health Toothpaste - Reg $3.49 - Sale $2.50 - Manu. Coupon from paper is 75 cents doubled to $1 ( $1.00 ) - P&G Esavers Coupon ( $1.50 ) - Final is Free
  • Pantene Conditioners, bought 2, and the bottles that had 25% extra - Reg $3.99 - Sale $3.29 - Manu. Coupon from Paper ( $3.00 ) off 2 - Final per each is $1.79
  • Olay Definity Scrub - Reg $8.99 - Closeout price $4.49 - Manu. Coupon from Paper ($3.00 ) - P&G Esavers Coupon ($1.00 ) - Final $.49
  • Olay Definity Cream Cleanser - Reg $8.99 - Manu. Coupon from Paper ($3.00) - Final $5.99
  • ($5.00) Off due to $5 Off $25 Promotion
  • ($4.00 ) Off due to Kroger Coupon mailed to me previously for $4 off $20 purchase from Beauty and Health ( check your coupons mailed to you from Kroger ).
  • ($15.00 ) back thanks to Olay Definity Rebate when you buy two Olay Definity products.

Final cost to me? Profit of $9.94!

I did find many other deals, too, but this was my favorite! I love whenever these $$ off $$ promotions run at Kroger!

And, as always, don't forget to check your receipts!!

I had many items ring up wrong, that I then got free thanks to the price guarantee at Kroger. But, even when I ran into Walgreens the other day, I noticed a sale item rang up full price. I ran back in the store to get my money refunded. I didn't get it free, BUT I got my difference back. You would not believe how often items ring up wrong at stores. Don't let them take your money!! ALWAYS check receipts everywhere...restaurants, stores, banks, etc!


Sarah Kate said...

I tried using e-coupons and half of them didn't work. When I contacted customer service on the website they wanted a laundry list of information that would have taken a lot of time to gather. I will no longer count on them. I will add them but just be surprised if they work instead of upset if they don't. It would be nice because the match up possibilities are endless, alas, so are the frustrations.

Carrie @ said...

I have that same problem with Cellfire...NONE of my e coupons have ever come off, which is why I haven't discussed them on my blog yet.

And, the same thing...they wanted me to fax gobs of stuff to them. Crazy!

I have had a few with Shortcuts not come thru now and then. They usually just ask me for the receipt number, check a box with the item number and that is about it. Then, I get credit. Super easy on their part!

As of yet, I haven't had a problem with P&G or Upromise, so not sure on their process.

Here are a few pointers I have learned with them.

If you don't have your shopper card they can scan and you have to type it in via phone number....the coupons often won't work.

If you load your card RIGHT before you hit the store, they won't always work either. For some reason, they need a bit of time to load.

Let me know which program you used, as I am curious how customer relations are with all of the programs. All I know, I am very unhappy with Cellfire.

Brett said...

Hope you don't mind my poking my head in here. I'm trying to help my friends spread the word about They say that there are only about 150 coupons floating around out there at any point in time (I can't say if this is the actual number) but has more than 150,000 flyer and circular deals on everyday grocery and household items every month. I say add the coupons to the flyer deals and save about half off of regular prices for the total order every week.
It's really easy to use (and that I can say with confidence) and I hope you can check it out.

Marianne Thomas said...

Hey Carrie -- looking fwd to Sat!

And the P&G promo at Kroger is one of my faves -- I can get IAMS dog food for nearly free.

FYI: in the Cincy region, many of us got "junk mail" with a Red Plum coupon flier last week. Inside was a $20/groceries when you transfer a RX to Kroger.

If you have it, and match it up with the current P&G deal (ends Sun1/11), you can likely get all your goodies for free...or, better, OVERAGE! More stuff for free!

I need to add you to my blogroll already. Sending my dad over to read about lowering utility bills.

Take care!

TopazTook said...

We don't have Kroger, but Cub Foods is running a "buy $30 worth of stuff (that we needed)/get $15 credit off your next order" promo...and the $15 credit didn't print out from the register when I checked out! You can bet I was checking my receipt to make sure it was there...and I didn't go out of the store without it!

Carrie @ said...

Wow..that is a great promotion....$15 off $30 is 50% off. Yeah!

And, to Marianne, I am excited for Saturday, too. Excited to meet everyone face to face!

Love that Kroger coupon. I saved it in my file....but still used a Walgreens prescription coupon last week ( expired before the Kroger ).

I post all prescription coupons under the Prescription button on my side bar, so if you ever find more...please let me know.

See you Sat!

Kasey Hunt said...

New to your blog. Love your helpful tips. I'm trying to use coupons. I've started about two months ago. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart my total was 102. 84 and after coupons I got it down to $84. I was happy with that, but after reading some of your posts, I have a long way to go. Question: Can I use a manufactures coupon and an internet coupon for one item? (is an internet coupon and e-coupon??) The lady at Wal Mart had trouble with the internet coupons, they would only scan with the gun. Thanks!!