Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Need a Coupon? Mommy Snacks to the rescue!

Thanks to Andrea for her guest post on other great ways to find coupons! You can visit her at anytime at Mommy Snacks.

But, before I let you read her wonderful advice, please note that Andrea herself is a wealth of information. She, personally, on her site matches up sales and coupons each week. And, I am so excited, that she has recently added Walmart and Target, too! In addition, she has Meijer, Kroger, Walgreens and CVS.

Go visit her each and every week for a rundown of where to find coupons to match to the sales! From your weekly newspaper insert coupons, to printables to electronic coupons. She has it! And, then some. She also has many other fun features, from losing weight, to sharing with us all her love for God! Truly and inspirational site on many levels.

Besides using my method above, I NEVER leave the house for the store without checking her list first. Because she has printables, I am always to add even more savings to my previous grocery list!

So, for all the hardwork you do, Andrea, I personally thank you!!!

And...without further is Andrea.....

Rice. You need Rice and it's not advertised on sale so you're not sure if there is a coupon for it.

What do you do?

You get your rice but use a coupon to get it for less. I use Rice in this example because it is a product we use often but I rarely see it advertised on sale so I don't match up a coupon for it in my store Snacks. But, there are rice coupons available, and I know because there is a great resource I refer to every week to match up coupons for sales at Mommy Snacks.

Hot Coupon World (HCW) is a website that talks all things coupons! The main reason I love to visit the site is the coupon database. If there is a coupon available, the database probably has it listed: manufacturer coupons (all values listed for all regions), home mailers, catalinas, blinkies, tearpads, printables and more! It is truly the most comprehensive coupon database I have seen on the web.

So, let's find some Minute Rice coupons since I need it this week:

Log on to Hot Coupon World: New users can register for FREE (you must be a registered member to access the coupon database). Search for "Minute Rice": Your search can be as broad as you like so just play around with the words.

Review your Results: The search results bring back 8 matches for "Minute Rice," one which is a coupon I actually have from a recent insert.

In the event your search doesn't come back with any coupons available for your product, try sending the manufacturer an email/request for coupons. Often times, they are happy to mail you coupons but you just have to ask!

I also utilize Taylortown Preview to preview upcoming insert coupons.

For example, by each Friday they have a published list of coupons in the Sunday inserts. This is a great way for me to determine if I want to purchase additional coupons. This will help if you know you will need a particular item and find out that a coupon will be in the Sunday insert.

Maybe waiting a few days to get that coupon is possible, and will help you save a few bucks too!

So, the next time you have a need and it's not on sale, just check the Hot Coupon World coupon database. You will probably find a coupon to save your money!

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