Thursday, January 29, 2009

Join my Blogroll!

I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, and it kept getting pushed to the back burner. So, I apologize.

But, there are so many great blogs out there, and so many of you are just starting new blogs with the new year, that I wanted to make sure to promote the work you are doing here on Money Saving Methods.

Plus, by sharing many other blogs, I am providing my readers the opportunity to find some new bloggy friends out there, that they may come to love, too!!

So, here is how it will work. I just added a new webpage called Blogs To Read. You will find the button in my left menu bar ( is everyone sick of me typing where my buttons are already ). :-)

On this page, if you have a button, I would love to paste it in the side bars under the category it falls. So, if you are a money saving blog like me, let me know. If you blog is about movie reviews...let me know that, too. Is it about books? Whatever it is, tell me so I can categorize it.

In addition, I will also be putting a list together for those of you who don't have buttons. So, still send me your info and I will categorize it and list it in the main section of the blog.

Also, at the end of each month, I will do a post welcoming everyone to my Blogs To Read webpage with a list. So, it will appear on my main page the month you submit.

What am I asking in return for posting a link to your site? Some friendly love in return. I am not particular. You can post my button ( I finally created one, yeah ) or just add my site to your Blog roll list. Either way, I would appreciate the shout out for my site as well.

So, email me your buttons or website addresses now. I am very excited to promote your sites and am thrilled to, hopefully, offer my readers a great selection of blogs to choose from in the future.

Before I go, here is my button if you want to grab it.


Claire said...

Hi Carrie...where oh where do you get that neat code for posting a button at?

Also - thx for the post on affiliates...I think I'm doing something wrong so far so need help!


Claire said...

Oh - I can't get your button to work on my site (I need to figure out how to resize...)


Jen said...

Hi-Wasn't sure if we were supposed to leave this in the comment section or email, but I'd love to join your list of blogs to read. My blog is: and I will definitely add you to my blog list as well. I am also going to be working on signing up with some of the affiliates you mentioned on your post below as well! Thanks for all the great tips!

BECKY! said...

You've been part of my blog roll for a while now!! ;) I tried getting your icon on my sidebar but it's just too big. Probably something I'm doing wrong!

Thanks for all your money saving help!

Carrie @ said...

I'll try and work on the button to get it smaller. As you can tell, I have no idea what I am doing when creating buttons. :-)

E said...

Hi Carrie, like the others, I tried to add the button, but either I'm a little more computer-dense than I thought, or I'm doing something wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to do it? I'm new to blogging, and I used to be decent at HTML back in my college days, but it's been a while.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Carrie @ said...


Try it again. I think I fixed it. If not, let me know and I will play with it some more

Christi said...

I got it to work but it still has extra space on it:)

I tried to post my button code but it wouldn't allow it in the comments- hee hee, so here's my site:

THANKS! Love your blog!!

Carrie @ said...


You are up on my page. Your image and under the Money Saving button, too.

If ANYONE knows how to make a nice button or can help me....let me know.

I don't know what the heck I am doing! AAHHHH!!

Karen said...

I added your button to my page. It's still a work in progress but you are the one that gave me the kick start I needed! I'll be working on a button...but here is my link:

Marla AKA prncssbttrkup said...

Hi Carrie!

I would love to be added to your blogroll. I have just recently started blogging. I have been afraid...afraid I won't have anything anyone wants to hear about. I have added you to my blogroll. Still trying to figure out how to add the button. Thank you for all the great info you blog about!!! I have learned soooo much from your blog. I am also always checking out your blogroll and finding new blogs. Thanks again!!

Lauren said...

Hey! I added your button to my blog. I'm a fairly new blogger and I'm trying to find my niche. Thanks for doing this!
It's a savings blog.

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I'd love for you to add my button to your blog! I already have you in my blogroll :-).

The site is: and you can grab the HTML for the button there.


The Traveling Saleswoman said...

Any chance you can correct the grammatical error on your button? I'm fairly sure it should be "The key to your family's finances" not "The key to your families finances". Sorry for the small criticism, but it will look more professional if it's correct!

Joy said...

I added your button to my blog!! Hopefully will be figuring out how to create one of my own ... soon ... would it possible for you to do a quick tutorial post on that?? Sounds like several of us could use your tips in this area. Love your site!!!!

Carrie @ said...


Go to Split Decisionz. She is one of my favorite sites for figuring stuff out on my blog.

Go to her tutorials section, and it has helpful advice.

Here is the direct link.

Carrie @ said...

Oh, how I wish I knew enough to help others make buttons. But, I am not that confident in my ability to help others. Obviously, my button has lots of issues.

Use the link above I provided Claire to help with many issues on your blog, and I believe she actually has some button codes on there.

I can tell you, I do my graphics in Photoshop and then save them to Photobucket so that I can use their codes on my website.

I hope that helps.

Misty said...


I'd like to be added to your blog roll. My blog is about savings and recipes. I link to your blog ALL THE TIME! :) But i will post your buttun as well. And I will try to make one for mine. What's your advice? I've had this blog forever, and have used it for family updates, etc, but for a month or so, it's transitioned. I don't want to start a new blog, because I know some of my followers only read it for the family updates, but then they take some of my advice (swagbucks, etc).

Jenny said...

Carrie, I'd love for you to add my button to your blog. I have a link to your blog already on mine.

I would like to make you a button! I sent you an email several days ago about making one, but maybe I sent it to the wrong address! LOL!

Let me know. I have a neat one in mind.

Carrie @ said...


That is so sweet. I didn't get the email, but I usually do get yours?? If you have any cool ideas, let me know. I can definitely use the help!

Which category or categories do you want your blog under ( and if I need to make a new category, too, let me know )

Jenny said...

Ok, I have one made for you! Email me at ourniftynotebook at charter dot net, for the code. I don't think it will let me post it here.

My blog is mostly about homeschooling, but I also like to post about any cool deals or sales I find.

Sandi and Jedd said...

I love your blog and have love the Method Madness Marathon!!

My blog is "". said...

Hi Carrie! I will email you our button, and add you to my blogroll!

Hadias said...

Hi Carrie

I have you in my blog roll and I am subscribed in Google Reader. You have a very helpful blog. I'd like to be added to your blogroll.
My blog is


Sandra said...

Hi Carrie,

I would love to join your blogroll! I have been reading your site for quite some time now, and it's because of your site and "Moms by Heart" that I finally created my own blog this month! It's been a lot of fun and I've been learning a lot. I'm slowly getting myself out there and learning new ways to get readers interested in my site. Joining your blogroll would be a great help, and I'm so glad you are offering this. My website is I just created my own blogroll, and added your site! My website is all about helping people save money and letting them know about the deals out there. Thanks again!