Friday, January 9, 2009

Free Toilet Paper at Kroger!!

Again, thanks to "Cents"able Momma, for alerting me to the fact that I can get more Cottonelle toilet paper free at Kroger! Woo, hoo!

If you use the Grocery Game, like myself, then you know everytime the 50 cent off any Cottonelle coupons come out, we are all running to the store to stockpile the free toilet paper. Kroger's everyday price on the 4 pack roll is 99 cents. So, when they double the 50 cent coupon to $1.00, you are getting it FREE!

Well, right now, in the coupon bar below, you can print out two Cottonelle 50 cent off coupons. Yeah! How exciting is that! And, make sure to check your local stores, too. If your store doubles coupons and has this 4 pack of Cottonelle at a decent price, you could get it for nothing, too.

Simply click on the See All Coupons at the top of the picture. Then, scroll thru until you get to the Cottonelle coupon. Then, select and print.

So, as Cottonelle's slogan always says, "Be Kind to Your Behind!" Go get some free TP!

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Jennifer said...

Just wanted to let you know you are one of my favorite sites for awesome tips on how to save money. With that being said, I put up a post on my own blog (I'm pretty new) asking all those other professional frugals to let me know "Who all is out there?" I'm putting together a list for myself, my step-mom and all my coupon obsessed church friends so they can frequent all these great sites as much as I do.

The link is

Hope it's ok I included you in my post :)