Friday, January 16, 2009

Free Tax Preparation for All!


Because it is that time of year, and I am constantly trying to find deals for my doesn't stop with taxes. There is no reason I need to shell out big money to have my taxes done, is there?

So, I have created a new webpage that will run thru April for all of who will be working on this over the next couple months. And, I will list any resource I find that is free to cheap to have your taxes completed. It is in the left menu bar or you can click here.

You will remember, I previously talked about TurboTax and the free software you could utilize from their company.

Now, I would like to introduce you to another company called TaxAct. Just as TurboTax does, they offer free e-file, which means you will get returns in approx. 8 days. Yeah!

And, they also offer free tax preparation. But, the kicker here is that they offer it free for everyone! This is such a great deal!

Here is what is included in their free version:

  • Prepare & e-file income taxes anytime, from any computer

  • Walks you step-by-step with simple, plain-English interview questions

  • FREE IRS E-file for a fast refund

  • GUARANTEED! Your return is 100% Accurate or we pay the penalty & interest

  • Contains the IRS Forms & Schedules you need, including depreciation asset forms

  • Multiple Occurrences of Supporting Forms

  • Printable Tax Summary

  • Much, much more!

Isn't that wonderful?

They do offer a Deluxe version at $9.95 and a Premium ( includes State ) for $16.95!

What do they include that the Free version does not? Such things as being able to import last years tax forms in, importing ( instead of typing it in ) your W-2 forms, preview of your State taxes, etc.

Want to take advantage of this freebie? Click here.

TurboTax - Choose Easy


Delores said...

I used TaxAct for a course I was taking a few years ago, and then tried to use it for real a couple of years ago. I just want to say that it is definitely not as user friendly as TurboTax or TaxCut. I have tried those as well and find that TurboTax is the best. Now, for simple taxes then TaxAct would probably be okay, but I think the step by step questioning of TurboTax and TaxCut is the easiest. I am sure there are others out there who really like TaxAct, but I just wanted to share my opinion. I think that if a person qualifies for free with TT, then go for that one!

TopazTook said...

I am guessing you already got this notice in your deals account, but just in case you didn't, uPromise is running a promotion with H&R Block where you get $15 in your upromise account by having your taxes done with H&R Block.

(It's not as cheap as software, but our taxes are a bit more complicated, and we go to Block anyway.)

Christi said...

I've used TaxAct for several years now, and I love it!

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I've given you an award

Thanks for all your great advice on saving!

Anonymous said...

TaxACT is really great! I recommend it to all my friends and family. It's not just for simple returns but allows me to itemize and take care of my more complicated situation. In my book it's the only choice.