Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free 2 Years of Parents Magazines and More!

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I could hardly pass this deal up. Parents magazine is one of my favorites and I have been getting it for years now.

And, I love free magazine subscriptions. Who wouldn't?

Right now, Value Mags is offering Parents free for 2 years. You will not get a bill later, etc. It is totally free!

Click here to access Value Mags. Once there, type Free Offer in the search bar. It will bring you to a page that shows everything that is currently available.

  • Parents - 2 years
  • Boating Life - 12 issues
  • Florida Travel & Life - 8 issues
  • Bridal Guide - One issue
  • Cruising World - subscription
  • Yachting - One issue
  • Islands - One issue
  • Saltwater Sportsman - One issue

Please allow 6 to 10 weeks for your first issue to arrive.

And, while at Value Mags, don't forget they have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Shipping and they do NOT auto renew. What does this mean to you? Any magazine you buy thru them ( or get for free ) will not cause you to get a bill a year from now when it automatically renews itself.

In addition, they do price match. So, if you order a subscription and find it cheaper somewhere else, they will match it for you! Yeah!

Enjoy your free mags!

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Angela in Ohio said...

The Florida Travel & Life offer has expired :-(

Carrie @ said...

Bummer! I was thinking my in-laws ( go to Florida half the year ) would have liked that one.

Carrie @ said...
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Kara said...

Thanks for this!! I've been meaning to subscribe to Parents, now that I'm not reading it at my OB-GYN every month while waiting for prenatal appts. I got addicted! :-)