Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reading Your Receipts equals $$!

Did you know almost every store anymore has some sort of incentive on their receipts? I am not joking!

From Fast Food Restaurants to Grocery stores...even Department Stores have some sort of promotion. So, just like I love my junk mail and advise all readers to quickly glance thru all "junk" mail, I also have to advise that you quickly glance at the bottom and BACK of all receipts.

Today I ran up to my local Hallmark. My son wants a Webkinz for Christmas. And, I got a catalog in the mail for 40% off, so I wanted to take advantage of the sale while it was going on. Plus, they had the pet of the month promotion going on, where I would get bonus dollars, etc.

Anyway....getting off topic here.

But, as I was leaving, I always check all receipts to make sure my prices ring up correctly. ( Remember, another something I strongly advise....you wouldn't believe how much you lose a year on items that ring up incorrectly. Today at the grocery they had to refund me $9.77!! ).

Low and Behold, there was a number to call and take a quick survey. As a result, I would get a code for $2 off ANY purchase. And, we know how I love those coupons! So, I called from my phone, and got my code. Of course, $2 doesn't sound like a lot, but I was able to get a nice card for nothing. And, we know you can never have too many cards on hand for birthdays and the such.

While I was there, I also signed up for the free Hallmark Crown Rewards program. You know me, if there is a free loyalty program to sign up for...I do. I always send to my "deals" email account, so it doesn't interfere with my daily personal emails.

You just never know when a reward member might get a freebie or a priceless coupon!! On top of that, if you do ever buy anything from Hallmark, you will get points that you can eventually redeem as reward certificates. You are also entitled to Members Only Offer every month.

Want to join, too? Click here.

Have you ever found a nice surprise on a receipt? Giveaway? Money saving coupon?


Nithya said...

JCPenny usually has a survey for 15% off their next purchase which can be used even on their clearance items. I usually do the survey - takes about 5 minutes, but saves a lot of money. Children's place is the same way too.

Cincinnati Cents said...

Bath and Body Works usually has a survey on their receipts as well. Once you complete it, you enter the code onto the bottom of the receipt, and it is valid for $10 off your next $30 purchase.

Borders occasionally has a survey on their receipts as well. I had one where I received 40% off my next purchase. Not bad for a five minute survey!

Janell said...

In addition to Hallmark and JCPenney, I have also received discounts for taking surveys from Burger King, Friendly's and Michael's. I always check my receipts!

Anonymous said...

I need to get better about doing this again...I have been slacking on it lately. But: Arby's generally has a survey which will get you a free regular roast beef sandwich (no expiration date). And my grocery store (Cub Foods) occasionally has coupons for a free loaf of French bread from the store's bakery on the bottom of the receipt. I love those coupons!