Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double Points from Campbell's e-Labels for Education

The Holidays are a great time to give! There are so many great ways to donate and help those in need, everywhere you look.

It is so wonderful!

But, don't forget, there are many "free" ways to help out, too. And, with very little time, we can give even more. Or, for those who are finding it difficult financially to give this year, then these are great ways to still help out.

I am sure you have heard me talk about the Campbell's Labels for Education program before, and, also the e-Labels for Education program.

If you are new, basically Campbell's and Kroger stores ( and I believe their sister stores, too ) have joined forces to electronically donate to the school of your choice. Click here for a list of participating locations. You simply register once, enter your shopper card number, and then everytime you buy a Campbell's product, the appropriate points will be donated. You do nothing! How easy is that?

If you want to donate even can then still cut out the labels ( like the old days ) and donate those, so your school gets double the points.

NOW, thru January 3rd, e-Labels for Education is giving 2 points for every purchase.

So, if you have not signed up and registered a school of your choice ( your own local school district, Grandchildren's, niece/nephews, etc ), click here to do so now. This is a great way to help!

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