Friday, December 12, 2008

1, 2, 3.....Wii!

Well, if you have joined the ranks and decided to buy your child a Wii ( or already have one ), here are some decent deals on games. I picked mine up tonight, as we have the system for the kids to open on Christmas...but no games! I guess that wouldn't be so fun!

Ultimate I Spy for Wii

Promotional Link_468x60

First, you will want to buy this product thru Ebates, as they are giving 10% back at the Scholastic Store. This will all be up in the air, as you are using a coupon code not listed on their site ( and they make no guarantees if they will pay if you use outside codes ). But, it is worth a shot!

If you are a new member, you will also get a $5 sign on bonus ( again, if they accept this promotion ).

Once you are logged into Ebates, as mentioned...go to The Scholastic Store. Or, click here if you would rather buy directly from them and not thru Ebates.

Then, search for Ultimate I Spy Wii Game ( this is retailing from $29.99 to $39.99...depending on store ).

Once you have it loaded to cart, enter promotional code SMHPSPY2

Then, enter code FNFAM.

This will take shipping off and bring your final price down to $14.56. Not bad!

Potentially, take the extra 10% from ebates off and you are down to $13.11. If you get the $5 bonus on top for being a new member, you will get it for $8.11. Again, this part is up in the air.

Guitar Hero w/ Wireless Guitar Bundle ( for Wii, Xbox 360, etc )

First, sign up here to become a Reward Zone member at Best Buy ( everyone might want to do know me and free reward never know what fun things you will get. Plus you earn points everytime you shop. )

Print your membership card ( the real one will be mailed to you soon )

Next, sign up for the Gamer Club here. ( Free, but you will get even more points for any games you buy )

Finally, print this coupon here. This coupon is taken from FatWallet, and they still have it posted, so I am going to assume it is a valid coupon. They are usually pretty good about taking it down. But, you never know. It could disappear at any time.

It is for $20 off each. Limit 3 per title.

This brings the price down quite a bit per item, so I am considering this for my husband. He loves playing this game when we are at Best Buy.


Lori said...

What do you mean buy it for your child?? :-) This is what we got my DAD for his birthday!! We are giving it to him this weekend, and I can't wait to see his response. I have to admit I'm a little intrigued too, based on all the hoopla going around about Wii. I've never seen it in action! Thanks for the info on the deals! Might have to stock up on more for Dad for Christmas!

Carrie @ said...

Good point!

Considering my husband and I make the baby sit in the cart while he and I and the older two plays the games at the store....I would say it is for all ages.

Andrea @ Mommy said...

Good finds, Carrie!! Of course, we got our Wii too and I was just passing FYE in the mall today wondering how much games were.

I really want to get Rock Band on the cheap (just a few more days to try) so if you see something on that, let me know!