Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Pet Food - Select Petsmart Locations

Thanks to Evelyn D. for emailing me about this great deal she hit at her local Petsmart!

And, don't be discouraged if you don't see a store near you. Their site says they are constantly opening new stores. So, if you see a new store going in by you, check their site for your coupon in the future.

Right now, Petsmart has 4 new stores they are opening and they are offering $5 Off $10 Coupons. Here are the locations with the link to their specific coupon:

Please make sure to register with their free PetPerks Savings Card here, as you will need to be a member to use the coupon.

THEN, click here to get your $5 Off Science Diet Coupon.

Combine that with your $5 Off $10 Coupon from PetSmart to get your free $10 of Science Diet Food.

As always, remember to sign up for these coupons and PetPerks with your "deals" email account.

If you aren't sure what I mean, I always advise you set up a free email account for deals/newsletters/coupons so they won't interfere with your personal email account. For example, mine is dealsforcarrie at yahoo.com.

Enjoy your free pet food!

And, Evelyn, if you get the chance, please a comment about the free pet food you got from Petco, too! If I understood correctly, they had the Science Diet #3 food on sale and it was free after the $5 Science Diet coupon. Is that right?

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