Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Savings - FREE Letters from Santa

I know, I know.

It is only the beginning of November, and it may seem I am jumping the gun by starting to post about Christmas savings...BUT....

I am already getting many advertisements for letters from Santa for my kids. AND, they all want to charge me to have this letter sent.

It is a cute idea, too. I must admit, my kids enjoyed getting a letter and phone call last year. But, I wanted to make sure you knew there was a FREE alternative out there, before any of you pay for this service.

Santa Claus, Indiana ( yes, it is a town..and yes, I have been there ) has a non profit organization called Santa's Elves, Inc which will provide these letters from Santa for free.

Simply click here to go to the Santa Claus Museum site. In the left side menu, you will see a link for Santa Letters.

I hope your kids enjoy these letters as much as mine do!

In addition, I will begin to post Christmas Savings whenever I find any helpful advice, deals, etc on saving money over the Holidays.

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kelly said...

very cool-thanks for the reminder-my boys will enjoy these!