Monday, October 6, 2008

HURRY! URGENT! IMPORTANT! Last Day to Register to Vote!

I apologize for not getting this posted earlier in the day, but I have been out and about all day!

BUT, I just want to reiterate the importance of voting and, as we all know, the Presidential election is a month away. Wow! These last 4 years have flown by!

Anyway, today is the LAST day to register to vote if you are a new voter ( do you have a teenage child now old enough to vote ) OR to register if you have MOVED or had a name change ( gotten married anyone?)! Of course, this is for the state of Ohio.

So, get on it. Since it needed to be postmarked today, your last option is to get it to a public library before they close, I believe. Double check by reading Ohio guidelines here.

All states have different deadlines, and some are coming up soon. So, please click here to see when your deadline is and how to register in your state.

Need to know if you are registered? Click here to check if you are in Ohio. Our state had a electronic form to fill out and find out, so yours might, too. Again, click here then when you do a search on your state, there will be a link specifically for you.

Then, make sure to get out a vote on election day!

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