Friday, October 24, 2008

Free Photo Card PLUS Free Shipping!


I am SOO excited about this deal. But, then again, I LOVE free items, as we all know!

You have probably all heard me talk about Picaboo before, especially since they have the Free Photo Book Promotional Code out there right now. Use Promotional Code 1PFMDB-WE.

But, did you know they also have Photo Cards available?

Well, they do, and they are adorable, if I must say so myself. And right now, they have a promotional code available for a Free Photo Card AND Free Shipping.

Grandpa ( my father-in-law ) has his birthday coming up in November, so when I saw this offer I was thrilled. What a great time to get a personal birthday card for him from the kiddos. So, I quickly logged in and created a one of a kind birthday card with a personal picture of each of the kids!

So, here is what you do:

  • Click here to register with Picaboo and download their photo software.
  • Log in thru the Picaboo icon on your desktop and go to Create Card.
  • Pick your category. I picked Birthday, obviously.
  • Choose at the top whether you want landscape or portrait
  • Choose your design. Please note, whatever design you pick, you can change the background once you begin loading pictures. You can also change the layout design.
  • Upload your photos and drag and drop where you want them.
  • Finish creating your card, then go to Buy This Card
  • Go to Add New and enter your billing address AND a credit card number ( it will not be charged )
  • Click Use a Coupon or Gift Card button
  • Enter code FREECARD
  • The price of $3.48 will deduct to $0.00...Check out.

This offer expires on October 27th, so make sure to do this soon, or you may miss out.


Cheap-o said...

I have been tagged and you are next! See my blog....

The McFarlane Family said...

Is the free photo book really free or is it buy one get one free?

Carrie @ said...

The card of the book?

The photo card is completely free...even no shipping. I got mine today...very cute.

The photo book, when I did it, was free. It was not buy one get one free, as that would really only be a savings of 50%. I did have to pay for shipping on that, though.