Tuesday, October 7, 2008

500 Free Miles from Delta

Are you a Delta Skymiles member?

If so, you may be eligible for 500 free miles, too.

My husband got a letter in the mail today telling us that they would give us 500 miles free if we would register to receive 2 of their free e-newsletters.

What are the choices?
  • Fare Sales and Last Minute Deals - This provides great last minute and weekend deals.

  • Travel and Skymiles Info - This includes travel tips, Skymile changes and news, new routes, etc

  • Skymiles Promotions - Bonus mile offers, special promotions

  • Delta Partner Offers - Great deals on Hotels, car rentals, credit cards, etc

So, which 2 did we pick? Skymile Promotions and Delta Partner Offers. I figured, I want to be informed on upcoming special deals in and outside Delta, right? And, don't forget to have this sent to your "deals" email account. I never mix my deals with my personal email!

Ready to get your free 500 miles, too?

Click here and enter your Delta Skymile #. If you qualify, it will take you to the next page to fill out your selections for newsletters. From what I understand, not all Delta Skymile accounts will be able to receive this offer, so all you can do is try!

Good Luck!

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