Friday, July 4, 2008

10% Off Home Depot Coupon Available!

HomeDepot Movers
Well, I wasn't really going to post anything today except my Happy 4th post. But, I thought I would quickly put this out there for everyone.

I got my 10% Off Coupon from Home Depot a couple weeks ago before we left for vacation. And, it was the perfect time for me. We are getting ready to put a ceramic tile back splash up in the kitchen, and I had found the tiles I liked at Home Depot. So...yeah to 10% off! I'll take it.

To get this coupon, you just need to click here and sign up for their moving website. Although we are not getting ready to move anytime soon, I went ahead and registered.
And, even though I had put a date along time from now on there, I still got a coupon. I was wondering if I would!

So, if you are a frequent shopper to Home Depot, I would highly recommend using a coupon such as this.

AND...if you are wondering what made me decide to post on this tonight...well, it is because my affiliate program Logical Media just announced they have links to this site available. And, sometimes they reach their quotas on clicks pretty quickly. I had this in my notebook to post on within the next few weeks, but I moved it up to take advantage of the affiliate offer.

Why do I tell you this? In case you are a blogger like myself. If you like sharing freebies and deals with your readers, Logical Media is a great site to sign up with and make a little extra money.
They will send you emails as new promotions come in..such as this...and you can the relay the information to your readers. And, it seems they tend to frequently have free sample and coupon offers available, which is right up my alley!

If you have questions on the Home Depot Moving program or Logical Media, don't hesitate to email me.

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Hey carrie
did you ever find that email? :)

just so you know commissions don't start on this until 7/7
thru logical media