Friday, July 25, 2008

$20 a YEAR for Phone/Unlimited Long Distance!


OK...I am so excited about this. I was reading Sisterly Savings and stumbled upon this gem! I had never heard of this company, Magic Jack. Have you?

Anyway, here is the deal, from my understanding.

You MUST have high speed DSL. So, you will have to pay for that each month ( call around and see what the best deal you can get is ). Then, you pay a yearly fee for this device called the Magic Jack. The first month is FREE ( so you can try it...this is what I am doing ), and then you pay $39 if you keep it. Remember to mark your calendars for the 30 days, in case you do want to cancel.

The 2nd year, it is only $20 a year. A YEAR! Not a month!

How it works, is you plug that device into your computer. Then, you plug the cord from your phone into the device attached to the computer. And...presto...your phone comes to life!!

Apparently, the sound is as clear as your regular land line. I will be testing it out, so I will let you know for sure.

What are the downsides? The only I can see is that if you only have one computer, you can only plug one phone in. The solution? You need to have a cordless phone system that has multiple hand sets. I, don't have this. I have 3 phones that are plugged into wall outlets..and only one cordless.

But, I am still going to give it a try. Why? Well, if I think the clarity and function is just as good, it would be well worth the money to go out and buy one of those multi handset cordless phone systems.

What would be the savings to me a year?

Well, until I know what I can get high speed for a month ( I am going to assume $30 or less...I'm going to try for $15 ), I don't have a definite answer. But, let's assume the worst case scenerio of $30 a month for DSL, and I currently pay $45 for everything....that would be a savings of $15 a month. Meaning, I would save $180 a year. And, the next year...and the next year! If I can get my DSL even lower, then my savings go up even more.

Not a bad savings at all....and it more than covers the new phone.

So, if you want to give this a try, too, click here. When I signed up today, it said the offer was only through the end of today ( for the free trial ). BUT, I have a feeling that is a sales publicity stunt and this deal will be around for awhile. But, I figured I better let you know, just in case it wasn't.

And, if you decide you just want to stick with your local phone service, click here to read my post on getting that billed lowered. I used to pay double what I pay now for DSL, Phone, Unlimited Long Distance and all the features.

If you order this and try yours, comment back and let me know what you think. I will definitely update all of you once mine arrives in the mail. I can't wait!

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Sara said...


My husband and I tried a similar service in the spring of 2007. It really was not as clear as a regular phone signal and because it was not with a reputable established company the company was bought out soon after we switched. The new company did not honor some of the special deals offered by the old company which enticed us to switch. All in all, it really was not worth the savings. It was a frustrating experience. That said, that was a different company, so maybe this one is better. Through the frustrations of bad reception on our home phone, we revamped our cell phone plan and dropped a home phone all together to save money. Good luck with your experience!

Carrie @ said...

Hey Sara,

I think I know which company you were talking was a VOIP, thought, right? Similar to Verizon?

I had some friends who signed up, and then they went under. They had paid for a full year, if I remember right, and could not get their money back...or it was hard getting their money back. What was the name? Sun Rocket, was that it? YOu still had to pay a monthly fee, though, right..just a very LOW fee.

I think, I may not be positive, that this is a whole different set up. This isn't a VOIP, as far as I can tell. Well, maybe. Sometimes I get confused by these things. :-)

I am pretty sure this HAS to be DSL..since DSL is a phone line, and the calls are going directly thru the phone line, still, but filtering thru the computer. Does that make sense?

I think VOIP had ( or at the time ) to go thru Broadband...or cable lines. Since then, I think they have changed that, as my brother has VOIP now and it is real clear.

The other difference, my brother sometimes loses service if their cable goes do their phones. But, with this system, it will only go out if the normal phone lines did...since it is running thru DSL again.

OK..someone correct me if I am WAY off here.

With that said, I will still be curious to see how clear it is. I will definitely keep you posted.

If you click here,, you can read the comments from the readers who go theirs recently thru Sisterly Savings. The one girl has had it for 6 months. It sounds like they are having good luck so far. But, we will see.

I figure, for free...why not give it a try. And, if it is clear, $40 for a year is still less than I pay a even if I cancel it a few months later and don't like it...I am not out any money.

Let me know if it was Sun Rocket, because if it was a system similar to this instead of VOIP, I would like to do some research on it before I get mine in the mail.

WillUBMyKnight said...

I just read the TOS and noticed the section about advertisements. Basically put, they will be inserting ads (both on your PC and Phone line). I'd be interested to know how this affects each phone call. I run a business from my home and would go bankrupt without unlimited long distance. But I would NOT be willing to have my patrons listening to advertisements in order to save money - somewhat counterproductive! :) Please let us know what ads (if any) show up throughout your trial.

Carrie @ said...

OK..that would be TOO funny! I give my Brring number out...which they need to hear a 10 second ad for and then it transfers them to my home number, which if I use this service...they hear another ad.

I wonder if that will cut down on the phone solicitors? :-)

Willubmyknight...I will definitely keep you posted. I will have my family members call to see what they hear, I will call from my cell, etc...and I will be checking clarity at home.

My full report will be out in about a month or so! :-)

Stay tuned!