Monday, July 7, 2008

Make some $ & Get Free Photo Software

Wow! What a deal!

I have been needing new Photo Software to edit all my fun and cute pictures of the kids. So, I am more than willing to try this software, since I am going to make money.

And, considering all the photo software I have been looking at runs close to $100, this could be quite the find for me. I am thrilled, to say the least.

If you aren't in the market for free photo editing software, this would be a great buy to hang on to for Christmas time.

First, is offering this software at $68 and then offering a rebate for $68 thru July 13th...thus making it free. Plus, FREE SHIPPING! It is normally sold for $79.99!

Want to make money on the purchase? Here are your options!

1. New to Ebates? They offer a $5 Sign On Bonus for first time users. Click here to register. Then, once logged in, go to the drop down menu, click on and you will get 1% back in your Ebates account. So, you will make $5.68. ( Please note: you must have a balance over $5 due to purchases to receive your check during their next pay period cycle. Otherwise, your money will just keep rolling over until you meet the $5.01 threshold ). This is your best choice, if you are new to this company.

Mr. Rebates

2. New to Mr. Rebates? They, also offer a $5 Sign On Bonus for first time users. Click here to register. Then, once logged on, do a search for and you will get 1% back in your Mr. Rebates account. So, you will make $5.68. ( Please note: you must have a balance of $10 in your account...bonus receive your check. )
This was the option I chose, since I was already a member of Ebates, and wouldn't get that $5 bonus.

Why else do I love Mr. Rebates? They pay 1% on eBay purchases. Yeah!

3. Already a member of both Ebates and Mr. Rebates? Try Big Crumbs. Click here. They are paying 2.7% on Search of their site and click on the link. You will make $1.84!

This is your best bet, if you can't get the new customer bonuses off the other two sites.
Another bonus with Big Crumbs? They pay you each month, no matter how small your dollar amount is! And, they also offer eBay at 20% of the fee the seller paid. It is a little confusing, but at least you are making something.

Now, once you are on the site, here is what you do.

2. Once it finds the product, add it to your cart. It show the $0 total after rebate and there should be a link to the rebate form. Print a copy. And, after you fill it out, don't forget to make a copy for your records.

3. You can check out via, Google Checkout ( you may get the $10 off if you are a new Google Checkout customer, not sure...check if you are a new customer ), or Paypal.

4. Shipping will show $4.95, but once you proceed to checkout the shipping total should change to a drop down box. Click on the drop down box, and choose the $0 shipping. It will take a few extra days to get to our homes, but so what! Save the money!

5. Check out and pay the $68.

6. Submit your rebate form and needed information by deadline. Get a check for $68, free software and make a profit of $5.68 in your online shopping account!


Erika said...

I was looking at the fine print and it says the purchase must be made between 07/07/07 and 07/13/07 and postmarked by 08/13/08. Do you think the 07 year was a typo?

OnlyOnSale said...

The machine prints SUCH good coupons!!! all the crts that come on the recipts. except that you get them everyday you scan. And sometimes it will print twice so always scan twice! I almost always get two 10/50 a week. But my fiance doesn't and we scan his when is scan mine and he has never gotten one. Have fun with your machine though!!

Evelyn said...

I am really confused. I have been using Big Crumbs for Ebay. So is it a better deal to use Big Crumbs or Mr. Rebate for Ebay?

Carrie @ said...

I am assuming that is a typo, because at the top of the form, it says between 7/7/08 and 7/13/08 with a submit of 8/13/08.

Since we have a copy of the rebate form that says the year 08 on it, I wouldn't think there would be a problem.

There is a 1-888 number on the form, I will try calling it tomorrow to verify.

Also, JUST sent this deal out today on their site, so I can't imagine they would post a rebate that is not valid.

They are a pretty reputable company.


Anonymous said...

Well I ordered it! I did it through Ebates but I hope I did it right. Nothing showed up in my Ebate account after I bought it! Guess I will find out soon. Thanks for the tip. My daughter has really been wanting photoshop....we will see if this freebie will work for her instead. Kim

Kim said...

Wanted to let you know I just read on someone elses blog that ebates is still offering the $10 sign up bonus. Its too late for me bc I was already signed up and I guess I didn't sign up right to get the bonus (you have to do it a special way) but hopefully it will help some other ppl!

Carrie @ said...

I am sure it is fine. If you go to their help section, they say you will usually see your credit within 48 hours, but it can take up to 30 days.

If you don't see it by then, keep your documentation to submit for manual credit.

To the other Kim,

I just checked ebates again now, and mine still only shows $5 sign on bonus.

I THINK, not positive, that ebates randomly picks members to give the $10 bonus to ( so they can refer others ).

I had the $10 bonus is Feb, Mar, and May available for readers..but mine definitely still shows $5 for July.

If you can find someone's site with a $10 sign on bonus, that is an even sweeter deal! Take it!


Carrie @ said...

Hi Evelyn,

Bigcrumbs is still the way to go. Although it is 20% of the sellers fee, if you log into your BigCrumbs account and look at your past purchases...the seller fee...and what you got paid, it is "usually" much higher than 1%.

PLUS, you get paid monthly and don't have to meet the $10 threshold.

The ONLY reason I would advise using Mr. Rebates next time you do a small eBay buy, is to get that $5 bonus..if you didn't sign up for this offer for the software.

It would be a shame to pass up $5 of free money.

Hope that helps.


Carrie @ said...
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