Monday, July 28, 2008


Update: Wow!! Thanks to Tonya at Mommy Saving a Buck for taking advantage of this offer, and updating us all with even better benefits!!

Here is the deal. I JUST ordered over $100 worth of books ( I did a mix of kids and adult books I want to read ) for $1.99!!

The $5 comes of EACH go to whatever section you want and click on the $10 or less tab. Then, scroll thru the books and pick those that are under $5. The full amount of the book will be deducted.

Please note: any book that is marked down will not have the discount applied to it. SO, only buy those books that are normally priced $5 or less.

Then, to check out, your cart must equal over $1 after all discounts. So, I picked one book that was $6.99 ( hence, my final price was $1.99 for over 20 books ).

GREAT time to stock up on gifts for people, kids parties, baby gifts, etc!!

And, don't forget to click pick up at store for delivery, and then you pay no shipping below for my original write up on this deal.

What is better than shopping in a bookstore? for free ( or almost free ) in a bookstore!

Right now, through August 8th, has a promotional code that is worth $5 Off $5 or more purchase with free shipping to the store. Yeah...these are always my any store! You can pick up gifts for next to nothing for people.

So, if you don't need a book for yourself, time to pull out the handy dandy "gift list" I have talked about previously in my sale shopping post. Scan it to see who you still need a gift for, and get busy.

For me, I still don't have much for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas yet. So, before I even logged onto, I headed over to Big Crumbs.

Why? You get a portion back on all your online purchases if you link thru them. They currently give back 3% for And, I knew I would probably go over the free $5 by a bit, so I mind as well make a little on it. And, don't forget, Big Crumbs pays you for every eBay purchase you make.

Why am I not recommending Ebates or Mr. Rebates on this purchase? Both of those companies mention in their terms and conditions that if you use a coupon code that is not listed on their site, you may not get credit. So, Big Crumbs it is!

So, once I clicked to thru Big Crumbs, I immediately went to the Kid section, since I knew I was trying to find something for my girl. Once there, I clicked on all items under $10. Then, I did a scan, and ended up in the DVD section...and low and behold, I found a Barbie ( her favorite ) DVD she will love. A great stocking stuffer! It was priced at $7.99, plus take the $5 off...and I am getting a great DVD and gift for her for only $2.99.

Once you find your item, add it to your cart and begin checkout. I checked out as a guest. Then, under promotional code, enter BR41925. Continue with your checkout and on the next page, it should ask you what type of shipping. Choose to have it shipped to your local store, and the price goes back down to $0 to ship it. Don't forget to go pick it up, though! :-)

Then, just complete your check out process as normal.

Don't forget to enter my July $100 Giveaway. Simply click here to read the details and enter.

Photo courtesy of: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid


From Bottle to Box said...

I just set up an account with BigCrumbs. It went to your referral code. I also just listed a logo on my blog so I'm sure you will receive even more referrals. Thanks for the tip. Question? How do you get the $5 Borders offer? I looked for codes, but can't find the $5 offer that you are talking about. Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Big Crumbs is great. You will love it!

I randomly come across great coupon codes like periodically. Usually on message boards, someone posts about them.

I found this one a few days ago...can't remember which site? But, message boards always are great ways to find deals!

Tonya said...

OMG! I read on another blog that is actually $5 off of each book! I just ordered 35 books for $1.98!!


Name: Jenni said...

I set up an account with bigcrumbs, but when I go to the page in bigcrumbs where it lists the commission earned details it says at the very bottom under cash back details/exemptions it pays on gift cards only. Does this mean you only earn a commission if you buy a gift card?

Just a little confused - wanted to double check that with you. Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Jenni,

Great question...because it does say that.

But, I had tested it when I bought mine ( before I originally posted ) and they gave me credit for my purchase ( it takes about 3 days ).

So, unless they take the credit away in the future, it went thru Ok. Not to say that they can't do that.

But, even is worth a try. And, with you getting the books so cheap, it is definitely still worth it.

Name: Jenni said...

Oh yes, it is definitely still worth it - I just wanted to check to see if it was even better than I thought!

I'm still shopping and looking through the site - so many choices!! Although, I have to be careful since I'll have to pay shipping since we don't have a store nearby. :(

gk said...

Thanks for posting a great deal. My DH loves books and I think he'll save a LOT with this one. BUT we are not able to get the site to work since Friday. After the "ship to store" oshiipiing selection, the page keeps giving error message - "sorry, service is temporarily not available at this time"or something like that. I tried at different times, different machines, still get the same error message.
Our total was $2.99 after the promotion.

Carrie @ said...


I was having the same problem. So, I saved all my purchases to cart and left my computer open to the page. Then, whenever I was walking by the computer, I clicked the sumbit order button again.

It kept giving me the same error message, so then I would just hit the back button to take me back to the submit order button page again.

Next time I was walking buy, I would just click the button again.

Finally, after 2 days, the system finally let my order go through.

I would also get the error that the system was full. I think the problem is TOO many of us trying to get in on the deal. ;-)
Their server probably just can't handle all of the orders.

It is so great...everyone wants in on it. You may try early in the morning or late at night, to see if maybe less people are online.

Julie said...

I have tried this for three days now and can't get it to go through!! Shoot!

Melissa said...

can you use the promo several times or just once?

jenn4261 said...

Still not working, Ive been trying for 2 days. Someone mentioned in another blog it has been labeled a fraudulent code and wont work anymore

natalie said...

Has anyone actually received these books? Do you have them in your possession? Just wondering if people are getting the confirmation but if it is really going to happen.

Also are you allowed to order more than one of the same book and is there a limit to how many books?

Carrie @ said...

Hi Jenn,

I saw those write ups today, too.

I have a feeling what happened is that it is ( or was ) a legitimate coupon. Well, as a $5 off $5 coupon, as I originally posted it.

Those coupons are quite common among stores, and my first order when I used it as a $5 off $5 has shipped and arrived already.

Then, I think someone stumbled upon the fact that their systems duplicated it per item and they went crazy...posted it on a message board for us all to read...bloggers like myself and Tonya passed the information on again..AND...pretty soon..

Well, you can guess what happened,it snowballed, just by the fact no one can get into the system to process their orders...they were bombarded and realized their system error.

Now, I am not positive...but that seems like what happened to me.

I will be curious now to see if my 2nd order goes thru...I have a feeling they will cancel out the bulk orders ( as they should..if it truly was a system error and not the way the coupon was intended ). We will see. I will keep everyone posted.

BUT...just to let you of my readers was using it correctly, and was trying to buy a CD/DVD...something like that...and the coupon code wouldn't go thru correctly ( didn't take the full $5 off ) because of the problems. She called Borders, and they are sending her a $10 gift card.

Not that this will happen for everyone, but it is always worth calling a company if you are having problems ordering.

Since it seems like it should really be used as a $5 off $5, I would pick the book you want...maybe a $5.99 book..and try to get it to go thru...if not call...the worst that can happen is they will manually process it for you.

If are only out a phone call.

Carrie @ said...

Hi Natalie,

Yes, my first order went thru, shipped and has arrived.

But, that was when I first posted and I ordered just as a $5 off $5 or more item.

My second order is still processing ( that is the big one, after we learned it went thru as a $5 off each item ).

I think, that one will probably get cancelled, just from the info I am reading on message boards..that the coupon wasn't intended this way.

I will definitely keep you posted. If it goes thru, I will let you know.

But, I would think, you should be safe if you use the coupon as a $5 off $5 or it appears it was intended.

goldengirl said...

Hey ladies,
I am new to the whole coupon,saving forums,but I tried the above code tonight for borders and it was accepted I got 7 books for 5.84!!! I'm going to wait till the order is finished processing before I buy some more

Jessica said...

I tried using it on my first book and got the following error: Oops! Our records show that you've already used this promotion, therefore we are unable to apply it to your order.

Jennifer said...

Hi Carrie,

Just wanted to let you know that I tried the $5 off $5 for the Borders coupon thru Big Crumbs. The 1st time that I did it, I applied the coupon but was unable to complete the transaction since my daughter woke up. I got out of the system and tried later on that night in the same way as I did before, this time it stated that I had already applied the promotion therefore I couldn't use it again. Mind you, I was almost finished with the process but never actually submitted the order, so I really didn't get a chance to use the coupon. Since it was already late when this happen, I did contact Borders customer service this morning. The woman that I talked to understood my situation. Instead of getting the coupon to work for me so that I can use the $5 off $5, she instead gave me the authorization numbers to a $10 giftcard for me to utilized. In the end, I ordered 2 dvds for my little one and will be paying $1.82 for both. I've already rec'd email confirmation on the order and am awaiting notice to pick them up at the store.

Melissa said...

i wonder if they will cancel my order. i have an email confirmation of my order, but borders won't let me log into my account. It keeps saying unavailable.

Carrie @ said...

OK...part of my large order just shipped. I just got notification from Borders via email that 4 of the books have shipped out. They are valued at $15, and it shows I paid $0 for them.

So, if nothing else..I at least got part of my order coming. Plus, my first order for the DVD has alredy arrived.

Unless when it gets to the store, they don't let me pick it up? But, I would find that hard to believe.

So, I am more than thrilled. Even if they put a stop on the rest of my books, I still made out with this coupon.

If anyone elses books ship or their orders get cancelled, please comment here and let us know. As of yet, I have heard of no confirmations of cancelled orders..but I am sure Borders is running ragged trying to figure it all out.

mom2nji said...

i got this tip from and heard alot of the orders were cancelled i ordered on sat and over the last two days have recieve notice that all 14 books (i paid 1.49) have shipped and should arrive this week! i paid online with my visa i am just hoping everthing goes through okay when i pick them up!

Carrie @ said...

Just got notice that another shipment just went out. This time $12 worth of books...for $0.

We will see!

Melissa said...

i ordered 15 books yesterday and 3of the books have shipped.

Cara said...

I'm going crazy trying to get my order finished LOL I wanna get mine done before they cancel this promotion. :)

jamie said...

They did it. It's cancelled. You can only use the $5 promotion on one book. I had 23 books in my shopping cart for a total of $118 and I have been trying all day to get it to go through, and I kept getting errors (almost went insane) and just a second ago, I refreshed my shopping cart and it showed the $5 promotion being used and my total was reduced to $113. Dangit!! You lucky ones that got in on this before they got wise, congrats!!! A day too late I guess for me.

BusyMom said...

Looks like they have fixed their code and you can only get $5 off of your order instead of the $5 off per book as others have indicated. This morning, it was still doing $5 per, but I was undecided so I didn't complete my order and now they have fixed it. Oh well! I'm still going to get one book for $2.

cristy said...

I believe it is official...they fixed the glitch in the code...I finally got through and the code only took $5 off of the entire order...luckily I noticed before hitting the last button and cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Code is fixed but I Got two orders in on Tuesday Spent got 35 books in two orders. Picked up first set today.

Kookaburra said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I got 20 items (books, flas cards and a cd set). They totaled to $111.30, coupon took off $85.53... leaving the total at $25.77. Then I paid for shipping since getting to the store wasn't convenient... but it was still a great deal for me!

Out of the 20 items, I've received 13 so far. Some of the others are on their way and some are backordered... so it worked for me.