Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you paying the absolute Minimum for your Coupons?

Hmmm....good question. I would have answered yes, just last week.

But, once again, my friendly phone solicitors proved me wrong!

In my area, I was subscribing to the Cincinnati Enquirer, which is our cities largest newspaper. I knew it had the Sunday coupons and ads in it.

I had found out quite awhile ago, that the best path to take was having it delivered. First, because all the coupons were always in there ( not always the case when I would buy the paper from the store ), and if it didn't...I would just call the paper, and they would bring me a new paper out. Wonderful!

I also found out, that ordering Fri/Sat/Sun was cheaper than just the Sunday paper. I am not sure why, but it is. And, lastly, if you agree to pay throu EZPay ( meaning they will automatically charge your credit card each month ), they give you an even lower rate.

So, what was I paying for my Sunday paper? It was approximately $8 a month. I thought that was pretty good....or so I thought.

Then, one of the small local papers called me and asked if I would like to try them free for 2 weeks. I really don't have time to read the paper ( I wish I did ), but I do like to scan them and look for deals or see if anything catches my eye. For free...well, OK. I am real good and canceling things before I have to pay for them, so I figured it would be fun to get the paper for a few weeks.

Well, low and behold, the Sunday paper came. had ALL the inserts and coupons as the large city paper did. I was thrilled. Double the coupons for 2 weeks! But, then I started much does this paper cost? So, I called them back and found out....over $3 less a month!! That would save me $36 over the year to get my coupons!

So, I switched. I am now a subscriber to the Hamilton Journal! :-) And, I am enjoying my coupons.

Are you local to the Dayton/Cincy area? If so, see if these papers deliver to you and give their Sunday paper a try. If they have the Sunday coupons, you may save yourself some money. They are:

  • Hamilton Journal News
  • Middletown Journal
  • Springfield News Journal
  • Fairfield Echo
  • Pulse Journal
  • Western Star
  • Oxford Press

I can't guarantee they will have the Sunday coupons, but call them and ask them or see if they will give you a free trial.

Also, when you call to suscribe, ask them how to get the best rate. What is the price for just Sunday? How about Sunday and Saturday? What about the whole weekend, or Thursday and Sunday? I am serious, it makes no sense...but they charge less for weird combinations like this. The Hamilton Post was going to charge me over $6 for just the Sunday, but if I take Saturday and Sunday, I only pay a little over $5! So, bring on the Saturday paper...I will take it to save money!

And, as mentioned...don't forget to see if they have an EZPAY program and if you get a discount for this. It did lower my payment a bit.

I hope all of you are subscribing to your local paper and getting those money saving coupons every weekend. And, if you you have any small local papers that may also have these inserts? If so, give them a call to check. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Update 3/20/08: Added bonus a thank you for signing up with EzPay, my newspaper sent me a coupon for a free 1 topping Donatos Pizza a 2 liter of Coke. We cashed it in tonight and ate dinner for free! Yummy! It was valued at just over $15!


mom_of2boys said...

I used to live in the Franklin/Springboro area and subscribed to the Middletown Journal for less than the Dayton Daily News. Since I don't live that far South anymore, I have it delivered to my parents house - they get a free paper and I get cheaper coupons!! It's a win-win situation!

Carrie said...

I found the best deal for the Dayton Daily News online. There are websites that list several newspapers. (I don't remember the website, I just googled it.) I get the Dayton Daily News on Thursday and Sunday for $5.59 a month. This is on an EZ pay program. So, don't forget to check out the web for the best prices.

Laura, Yellow Springs said...

This is an old topic, but I just renewed my Dayton Daily subscription so I thought I would comment. I pay for the entire year upfront. They cold-called me and offered me a great deal three years ago (2006) - I think it was $79 for 7 day/week delivery for 52 weeks. How could I say no to that?! So I signed up, and every year they send me a bill when it's time to renew.

This year (2009) I got my bill, and the one-year subscription rate was $234. My "discounted" rate was $221, but frankly, I didn't feel like that was a good deal considering I was paying for a whole year upfront. I checked my records, and I had paid $163 in 2008. So I called to find out if they had a better rate.

They told me the best rate they could offer me was $174.20 for a one-year, 7 day/week subscription. I was disappointed not to get $163 again, but it's a lot better than $221! Again, this is for a 7/day week subscription (we really do read the entire paper every morning), but I bet they would give you a good discount on other subscriptions, too, if you paid for the entire year at once.

Give them a call and see. :)