Friday, March 14, 2008

2 Free Tickets to the Philharmonic Orchestra for my Ohio Readers

Sorry to everyone else, but this find is only for the Ohio readers out there. And, even then, it is probably geared towards the Dayton and surrounding area Ohioans at that.

But, this is why I love junk mail. Remember my earlier post about loving phone solicitors? Well, this is the same concept. I get great deals and freebies in my junk mail. I thru all your ads and mail everyday!

So, today I got an advertisement card for Two Free Concert Tickets in April or May to the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra at the Schuster Performing Arts Center ( which is very nice, by the way ).

Here is what you need to do

  • Pick a Date: Friday April 11th & Saturday 12th "Life's Treasures" or Thursday May 15th & Saturday May 17th "Shaking the Heavens"
  • Call 937-224-3521 ext. 114 by March 31st and speak to Steve Myers, DPO Outreach Manager. If not available, leave your full name and phone number and he'll call back.

You'll receive a pair of the best available seats ( up to $59 value per ticket ).

The only strings attached ( quoting from their card directly ) are the voilins!

I called for mine already and my husband and I are getting dressed up, dropping the kids off with the grandparents and going to a nice evening out! I can't wait!


Ashley said...

Can I do this without the advertisement card you received in the mail? I live in Cincy.

Carrie @ said...

It didn't say anything about needing the card. It was just a post card size ad in amongst many, many other ads I got in the mail.

It simply said to call that phone number and ask for the 2 free concert tickets. That extension is Steve's direct line.

Morehart said...

sweet, i called and left a message i am right across the river in florence, ky. DATE NIGHT away from the kids. Now can we get a free night stay at a B&B in the surrounding area? that would be sweet


Tricia said...

awesome! I am in Dayton. Count me in for a free date night..AND we have never been to the Schuster Center..and I have wanted to go forever! woot! thanks!!

Carrie @ said...

I am so glad others are taking advantage...the one night is actually on my hubby's we chose that night. Now, I just need to find a deal on a great restaurant for us!

Andrea said...

I just talked to the Dayton Philharmonic today and they are mailing out my FREE seats!!! Thanks again! We're going to the May 17 date.