Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another $30 Check from my Car Insurance

Turn 21 today!

OK...this article is actually kind of embarrassing. If you read my article on Savings Hundreds on Car Insurance, you know I am a promoter of taking the highest deductible possible, which is usually $1,000. I know this is not always possible for some, as they have to be able to afford to pay that deductible in case of an accident, but I think it is to everyone's advantage to at least work towards setting that money aside and then changing your deductible with your insurance once you have that amount saved up in a case of emergency fund. Over a lifetime, the money spent on keeping that lower deductible is simply wasted!

Anyway, I went on and on about this in my previous article, and well, it was time to pay my car insurance bill for the next 6 months. So, I was processing the payment, when I looked over the statement and noticed I had my deductible set to $500 for BOTH cars!! I couldn't believe it. Here I was preaching on the subject, and needless to say, I made an OPPSS when I filled out my original paperwork to transfer from State Farm. I even went back to check, just to make sure 21st Century Insurance Company hadn't gotten it wrong on their end. was me!

Well, it is all straightened out now. Since I had already processed the payment, they had to cut me a check. So, the difference between a $500 deductible and a $1,000 deductible on my two cars came to $30 for 6 months. Or, $60 a year. So, I was happy to have my money back and deposited in the bank yesterday.

So, I am upping my savings above by another $30 YTD! Woo, hoo!

And, while I am bringing up the subject of car insurance again, here is the link to 21st Century Insurance Company. If you read my original article, you can tell I did a lot of research on this company, and I have been very happy with them. And, I now pay less for two cars than I did for ONE car with State Farm. That was with all the discounts from State Farm, including having my home insurance through them. Click here to read more of my insight on this company and why I recommend it.

But, if you aren't sure 21st Century Insurance Company is for you, then I am suggesting you sit down this week and get some quotes through them and other companies to compare. It is well worth the time investment to save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars per year on auto insurance. You may find a company you like even better than 21st Century Insurance Company, saves you money and meets your needs!


Andrea said...

Carrie, I've been wanting to get lower rates so I'm going to check them out. We checked last year but my husband had a ticket still on his record that has since fallen off. Do they have a member referral program?

Carrie said...

In some states they do have a member referral program, just not in my state, unfortunately. But, if you click on any of the links in my article or the pictures, it will take you to the site and I do get a small amount as an affiliate, though, which is nice. So, if you switch, make sure to sign up under their affiliate program and get a little bit for telling others about their great service.